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Thread: Tech venture develops wetness sensor for adult diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I wonder if the Honda robot can play mommy?
    Wow...Mommybot 1.0. I can just imagine that kind of thing in the future.

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    wow, thanks for the link. That was a very interesting article. I would have volunteered for the testing phase, LOL. Wearing free diapers, and helping a cause in the process,,,priceless,,, as the credit card commercial says, lol.

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    Mommybot 1.0? Just have to watch those different revisions that go around. I remember there used to be a Girlfriend 1.0, but then had to upgrade quickly to Fiancee 1.0 and then Wife 1.0...

    Just remember those important patches that come up on a regular basis--Flowers X.x, Jewelry X.x, and all the others. They tend to keep the system running bug-free.

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    That is very interesting!

    I know that they are recycling adult diapers into fuel pellets, and I wonder if this sensor will impede that process?

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    If it just sits inside the diaper, I think it would be easy to put into a seperate trash bin.

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