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Thread: Analyst in the house!

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    Default Analyst in the house!

    Hi everyone!

    First, sorry for my bad english. Im french speaker. I will do my best to be understood.

    Im a sociologist AND a i have interest in your community (not only because of my academic interest. Im interested in diaper too. My ex wife was a diaper lover and i took care of her during a certain time).

    I hope to have great discussions here and learn a great about the social interractions in this very unique community.

    Social scientist in Canada

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    Actually, your English is better than that of many native English speakers that I have read posts from on this forum. Welcome to ADISC.

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    Hi Kurajana,

    We don't get "outsiders" with too much regularity here, it's nice to get the chance to mix it up a bit ^^. Don't be afraid to ask questions, under normal circumstances people here don't bite

    Would you have any interests outside of your work that you could share, such as a sport you enjoy or a peculiar hobby? Finding a common interest is usually a good way to start connecting with other members.

    Anyway, I hope you will find your stay here to be pleasant,


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    You were the carer and she the diaper-lover? Excellent. This is not the norm. Raccoons like things out of the norm.

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    Salut Kurajana,

    Votre anglais est sans doute mieux que mon francais... bienvenue a ADISC.


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    Hello and welcome! I'm sure you'll find all sorts of ideas to wrap your brain around here, as we have members from all walks of life, from very young very tentative members who are just beginning to figure themselves out as human beings to older members (I'm 29, as a reference point) who are completely open and come from all sorts of backgrounds. Like Near said, we're usually a friendly bunch that doesn't bite!

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    C'est le fun de «voir» un autre Canadien français ici!

    Un sociologue est toujours bienvenue sur ce site; nous sommes une communauté très mal compris. Peut-être que ta recherche va aider le monde à mieux nous comprendre, ainsi que nous aider à mieux nous comprendre!

    En tous cas, nous avons hâte de vous partager nos idées et nos histoires.

    Amuses-toi bien!

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