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Thread: Everybody remembers their first.

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    Default Everybody remembers their first.

    Get your head out of the gutter. I'm not talking about that.

    I'm talking about your first encounter with a video game.

    I do remember being 4 and playing an Atari console. I also remember being particularly addicted to a bowling video game that was on it. Once I figured out how to change the settings so I could steer the direction of the ball, I was able to impress my younger sister who did not know how I managed to get strike after strike. There was also Space Invaders, which was a load of fun.

    I also remember playing a lot of Q-Bert in the arcades, and I was actually not that bad at it back then.....

    Your first encounters with video games? Did it hook you in or turn you away?

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    I got hooked the moment I started playing the SNES when I was about 3 I think. I remember sitting there playing Donkey Kong Country, and sometimes some Mario All Stars. I started to cry when I couldn't beat a level, I just sat there and kept trying until eventually I got it! Then I got another problem. And so on. Then later on I got the N64, I even remember that it was green! I played Donkey Kong 64 a lot, and my all time fav, Ocarina of Time. I still play it to date.

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    My first encounter with video games was watching someone play Mortal Kombat 1 on an Arcade in Super K-Mart. It wasn't the fighting that hooked me; it was the fatalities. For the rest of the decade my friends and I played all the MK games just to perform all the characters' fatalities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bomb851 View Post
    My first encounter with video games was watching someone play Mortal Kombat 1 on an Arcade in Super K-Mart. It wasn't the fighting that hooked me; it was the fatalities. For the rest of the decade my friends and I played all the MK games just to perform all the characters' fatalities.
    I remember my mother was mortified once she realised that the "MA-13" rated Sega Genesis version of Mortal Kombat had a special code one could input to unlock all the gore that was in the arcade version.

    Mortal Kombat 2 was also the first (and the only) game I tried to purchase when I was under 17, and the people at the store would not sell it to me because of that - they told me to come back with a parent if I really wanted it. Heh. Three or four years later, that became a non-issue.

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    My first encounter was when my dad bought my sister and I the NES system and was played all the classics. Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Ice Climbers, Excite bike, Track and Field w/mat, etc. Sadly, at this time i was not introduced to Zelda. my first encounter with zelda was at a friends house and he was playing LTTP. My dad didn't really follow up on games so we only had one cartridge that had 20 games on it. I don't know how he got that, maybe it was imported or bootlegged. there were so many games I never got to play cause i wasn't introduced to them till my adult years. After having watched the Angry Video Game Nerd and ScrewAttack.

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    I have a few 1st memories of gaming systems myself. It started that every now and then we would rent out game systems and from them times I remember playing and enjoying an Atari (don't know what one), a Sega Master System with Hang On built in and a Nes which was of course the Mario and Duck hunt set. At some point after that we got out 1st computer. It was a Commodore 64C. All of them would keep me quiet for hours but the problem with them was due to renting or the fact that software wasn't easy to get for all at the time I did kinda grow bored with them.

    The 1st time I really fell in love though was I don't remember when we got it but we brought a Sega Megadrive. It came with Sonic 1 and Streets Of Rage and I was hooked. Also because of the console wars of the time as well software was very easy to get hold of and I ended up having a really nice collection of games for it. Even if I ended up preferring the Snes I kept the 2 systems for as long as each other and when I had the chance I got myself the pair again as well.

    I don't really play games anymore on my own. I quit collecting at the start of the current generation because I could afford to balance it with the music stuff I was putting together. I still have a love for games overall though and always looking for when something interesting comes out.

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    My first encounter to my memory was of Super Mario Bros. on the NES back around 1990 (probably). I don't really remember playing it, but I do remember watching it. As for what I do remember playing, that would be one of my cousin's Atari 2600 games that he had. I started gaming in 1992 on games like River Raid, Pac-Man, Combat, and Centipede.

    As for the first video game system my family ever owned, it was the Sega Genesis (Christmas '93) and we had Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The first game I ever bought myself was a couple years later when I spent $35 of saved up allowance on a used original Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge.

    Awesome fun topic once again.

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    I don't remember my first encounter with a video game. As I've been told I've beaten the first level of Mario Brothers (the NES game) when I was two. I've seriously been a gamer since before I was potty trained. <_>

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    Oh my FSM...I still remember the very first time I played a video game. I got an NES for getting A's all through first grade and I remember being excited while I tried to figure out what buttons did what. I think it's why I like Mario games so much. The first cartridge I had was the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. I really really liked Super Mario Brothers 3. I used to stockpile Tanooki suits so I could turn into a statue.

    I also got to play Zelda, which has had me loving all of the ones I've been able to play.

    It's kind of funny because I got a Gameboy the year they came out as a Christmas present but I didn't get the point of it when I opened it. I thought it was some kind of weird TV until my mother showed me that it was Mario you could take with you. Then I love it. I actually still have all of my old games and my NES and Gameboy.

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    from what I can remember, I think it was likely either an Atari game, or an NES game (can't remember now). I can remember playing a lot of Food Fight and Super Mario Brothers 3, as well as some Techno Bowl, one of the awesome chess games on NES, and probably a few others.

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