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Thread: Bedroom temperatures and snuggling

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    Default Bedroom temperatures and snuggling

    One particular habit that both I and my sister have had for a long time is that of deliberately cooling down our bedrooms (<15C), so that we can snuggle under heavy duvets without overheating. This also aids with the wearing of fleecy sleepers, incidentally. I'm interested to know how many other people here do this...

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    I also like doing this, especially in the winter when it's easy to make the room cool It also feels great to sleep under the blanket without feeling hot and sweating :P

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    I do this too. I love it at night but the morning is awful when you have to get out of your bed. Makes waking up even more difficult but in the end totally worth it.

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    I never have the heating on in my bedroom, tbh, just a duvet is usually enough for me, if I sleep in a sleeper I'm usually still on top of the sheets, unless it's below 10c in my bedroom! :O.

    But yea, a cooler bedroom is better for snuggling people or plushies :3.

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    I can't sleep unless my room is stupidly cold. But then i need it really warm in the mornings or i won't get out of bed.

    Window will stay open all day to keep the room cool. In the summer i have this air cooler thing that you put icy water in the back and it blows out cold air. Then the heating is set on its highest level to go on at 5:30, then my alarm goes off at 6:15. By then my room is just right for me to wake up.

    Not fair that my friend's dad owned an air conditioning company. He has 2 machines in his room so he can easily keep temperatures and make them change at different times.

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    I learned quickley with my first "sleep over" girlfriend to keep the bedroom cool so she wants to cuddle. Cuddling leads to more and back to cuddling again, then sleeping in each others arms all are better in a cooler bedroom.

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    Man! I thought 68 f. was cool. You guys are polar bears. Maybe I should drop the temp again. 68 sounds like a heat wave.

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    I love a cold bedroom. No heat in the winter (only programed to turn on before I wake up) and AC super low in the summer. Much better for wearing footies year round and snuggling with my Teddy.

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    This all brings back lovely memories!

    We had wood heat at home. Great during the day when someone was there to feed it (nothing compares to the kind of warmth put out by a wood stove) .. but it would burn out around 3 or 4 in the morning.. and waking up in the morning to that absolutely sucked. I'd sometimes actually keep the next day's cloths near the bed and get dressed under the covers ..

    That said.. being nice and warm under a blanket in a freezing room is strangely enjoyable... even without company.

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    I get cold very very easy, so if I had a significant other that kept it below 70 F (~20 C) at night (during the winter when the cold air can get in. 65 ish is okay in the summer, depending...) I'd probably leave them to be honest. Great person? Wonderfully intelligent? Kindest person on earth? Rich? Average to great looks? Great. If they keep the thermostat down too low I'm sleeping in another bed with a heating blanket. Or leaving them. Then again, I'm not very snuggly. I'm extremely snuggly until bedtime- then I can't stand it. I don't want touched while trying to sleep.

    This is also a good portion of the reason why I'm single and am likely to remain that way. I've argued over temperature far too many times and don't like being cold. =( It was a large reason for a break up of two separate relationships.

    I'm an oddball though, since everyone else always seems to prefer it cooler.

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