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Thread: Compliment the person above you!

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    Default Compliment the person above you!

    So, I figured it would be fun to have some place where people could come to get a wee self esteem boost! Basically all you have to do is compliment the person above you. So the person who posts next will compliment me! Yay!

    It can be about anything. An especially good post they've made recently, their mannerisms, something kind you know they've done, why you think they're cool, how awesome their avatar is, the witty thing they've linked to in their signature.

    Something which shows you know them, and you value them as a member of the community.

    If you don't have something nice to say about the person above you, then just don't post. Wait for someone else to post! And keep it relatively serious guys!

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    Talula, You've always got a kind word for the new arrivals to this site, and your coming out thread made for some great reading. Add to that that you're a scottish bartender and you may just be the second coolest scot that I know.

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    Your shoes smell nice. If that doesn't show that I know you... you have ridiculously high expectations.

    Also, sophisticated avatar is [insert tautological statement]; who's the artist? Make it quite staring at me, though. ._.

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    OK, folks, I have moved this thread to the Mature Topics forum. So please treat it maturely and say things you really mean. If this thread starts slipping into unrealistic territory, I will need to move it to Fun&Games and thus invalidate everyone's posts here. So keep it real and mature!

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    You're very quick and helpful as a mod, and your relatively small numbers of non-mod posts are usually pretty funny, except when they shouldn't.

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    Your spelling, syntax, grammar and punctuation are impeccable for a thirteen-year-old. Your general manner comes across as polite and well-informed.

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    Akastus, I don't know you very well yet, but you look like an awesome guy and a terrific new addition to this site. I greatly appreciate new members who are as well worded, kind, informative, and good of a contributor as you. I also love the avatar, hehe.

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    SPDDan, you are always nice to just about everyone, and you are always willing to listen and help. Not to mention your jokes are often so bad they end up being funny

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    You're incredibly helpful around the site, and always have great chat on the IRC when you're not too busy working

    I always smile when I see you're around

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    Talula, you always show great maturity and make ADISC a fun place to be. It's nice to know that there are some cool AB girls out there in the world.

    I should mention that the name Talula is one of my favorite. If either of my last two children were girls, we were going to name them that (but they were boys!)

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