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    Default Amazon bottles?

    Has anyone ever used amazon to get their abl/dl items? I've been on there looking for a good bottle but, they don't exactly have the same thing as pacifier sizes to give me an idea of what I should buy. I have my own amazon account and credit card and the past few weeks I've tested how my parents take the packages from the mail and so far they just put them on my desk. If there are any other recommendations please post them.

    *to the mods- if this should be moved please do I just thought the abs would have more credit cards*

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    Well I don't know how helpful this really is, but I know baby-pants has an Amazon store front, and that they sell the adult size NuK bottle toppers... Baby-pants is a pretty reputable place, so if your looking for something along those lines I would highly suggest them, they also carry modified nuk medic pro's (NUK 5's) for a decent price as compared to other places. Hope this helps ~Stunner

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    Yes baby pants is great. I've ordered from there many times no issues...

    But the return address on label is bpants if that matters.


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    Yes baby pants is great. I've ordered from there many times no issues...

    But the return address on label is bpants if that matters.
    Babypants has a yellow label with a rubber ducky... would that cause problems?

    Although you can go to their site Welcome and it tells you there:

    If you would like your package hand addressed with the same information please request it with a note.
    Which may be better.... because I know how nosy at least mothers can be!

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    The baby pants products are better but, I just like the idea of the amazon (super saver shipping) boxes and although I can use my own credit card the account is viewable by my dad (I don't know if he ever does look) so I don't think I want to take the chance of "babypants" on the recent transactions haha.

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    I get stuff from amazon. If it says sold by amazon, or order fuffilled by amazon, it will come in a plain amazon box.

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    I can only assume that the nipples sold by babypants are good, because I ordered one but haven't received it since she is currently out of stock. However, I have also seen, on ebay, a seller who has bigger bottles, with really long nipples and nice cloth covers. Thinking about in now, though, they are almost definitely livestock bottles. They look very cute in their covers, though.

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