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    Hi anyone know what plastic pants fit more like real baby pants?The kind that puff out a lot.I did get some high backed pants from LLmed I like but looking for more puff like pics of me when I was 4yrs old. Thanks

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    You could try plastic there are three you can look at I like the Deluxe pant because of the plastic wrapped legs and waist.
    Plastic Pants and Cloth Diapers for Incontinent Children, Youths, and Adults

    You can also try High Back See if anything there works for you.

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    have you tried any of the websites on baby brrs site? check out different sites for ones in your size that have a bit more of the plastic to them so you get that puffy look or even check out someone who does custom orders on covers and what not

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    I get the high back, Leakmaster plastic pants from The Altogether Diaper Co. You might check those out. They're pretty big and puffy. I get the small as my waist is 32" and they definitely puff out.

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    Babykins vinyls fit good and r not expensive.

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    Gotta agree with Warren, Babykins rocks! I love their waterproof nylon pants, they are quite durable, a little stiff (to get that "puff" you are talking about) and make a nice sound when you move. The absolute most durable are their polyester pants, I have one pair that I have used off and on for more than 5 years and only now is the elastic starting to relax some. The fabric is still perfect. They have great customer service, and seem really friendly.

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    I'll second the Leakmaster pants. I get mine from Check the sizing chart and order something that you're at the smaller range of. If I wanted really poofy pants, I would order a 2xl with my 36-38 waist (44 with thick cloth diapers), whereas to get a fit that's a bit closer for my thick cloth (that expand my waist to about a 44 waist), I normally get an XL.

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    I like the "Lang" brand plastic pants. There a retro 50's style and are the same as babies wore back then. There comfy and about $14.00. You can find them at Life styles emporium or Changing times.

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    Thanks to everyone I am going to order from a few places and see what works best.

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