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Thread: lego, period

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    Default lego, period

    Does anyone play with legos, cause I just found a vintage 1980's lego train set, 12v, remote uncouplers, remote switches, remote signals, and the express train set.

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    Yay Lego!
    I've got a couple of largish Star Wars Lego models, and one of the space shuttle I need to rebuild.

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    I have a ton of Legos. My two brothers and I all got legos for several years in there, so we established quite the collection. We had a functional town, skate park, ice hockey arena, midieval place, etc. We even combined our legos and K'nex to create an amusement park once with a K'nex roller coaster.

    My grandma has some from my uncles when they were kids back in the 60s, so I have plenty of really old ones as well. Cool find though, thanks for sharing.

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    I miss my Legos. Every time I walk through a store and see Legos, I so badly want to get them again. Especially the new City sets. ;~;

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    I'm pretty sure that I still have roughly eight cubic feet of lego stored in my parents' attic somewhere. I should probably fish it out. It's been too long since I played with any. I've been tempted several times over the last few months to buy the Lego Venator-class Star Destroyer, but could never quite justify it to myself.

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    I hate selling people call it 'legos.' In the UK we just call it lego (without the s) regardless of whether we mean a single brick or multiple bricks. In that way the word is a bit like fish or sheep. Adding the s to pluralise lego just seems weird to me. In fact, I would go so far as to say it really bugs me! How do you pronounce 'legos' in the US? Is it 'le-goes'? Or is the S silent and just for spelling?
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    I have enough bricks (I'm going to avoid calling the bricks legos to avoid offending babyjess! ) to fill at least 2 40 gallon trash cans. I still have all of my lego toys from when I was a kid plus I have all boy children and it is their favorite toy by far. They are, quite literally, in every corner, crack, and nook in my house. We even go to the public portion of a local lego convention each year.

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    I love Lego, especially the technic stuff. I have nearly every construction model set of lego that was made between 1990 and 2003 when I last spent nearly 60 on a numatic technics JCB digger I had it built in 3 hours. Its just not as challenging anymore I still have some of them on display in my room and yes I do still play with them when im in the mood Beats Mechano any day.

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    I love Lego type toys. Anything that I can build creatively with is great. I'm not really fond of the sets that only make one thing, I'd rather have a more generalized collection. Unfortunately I was never allowed to have any. (Long story short, oldest brother wanted some for Christmas one year and didn't get them, so even years later no one else could have any. Which seems silly to me, but there you have it.)

    I'm planning on getting a tub or two to play with when I get the chance.

    To answer your question, BabyJess, I've always heard it pronounced "Leg-goes" when people use the 's'.

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    I have a medium sized collection of Legos, but I preferred K'nex. I have a few Screamin' Serpent sets, which I used to combine, and use build intricate roller coasters that went around my basement.
    One of my friends had a few tubs of Legos, and two large tables. We built towns, buildings, houses, and cars and played pretend. It was fuckin' awesome... We had wars and stuff too, but we always got really pissed off when things were blown up.

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