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Thread: I might have screwed myself over...

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    Default I might have screwed myself over...

    I'm a college student and my school's 3 hours away from where I'm from, so every now and then I go home, like I did this past weekend. I can only wear when I go home b/c I live in a dorm with a roomie in the same room, so that's not possible.

    Anyway, I wore Friday night and completely soaked a Bambino. I put it under my bed until I would have a chance to throw it away since my sis had her friends over all wkend and my parents were there and stuff. I put it in a grocery bag this morning and noticed it was starting to smell, but that was okay b/c I was going to throw it right away after church. Well I completely forgot and drove all the way back to college.

    So yea, it's under my bed right now in a grocery bag. I won't be able to go home until Friday b/c of my schedule. Soooo I'm hoping that the smell won't get too bad to where someone would notice outside of my room and then go in there and then find that shit.

    Has anyone ever done something like that? Did the smell get atrocious, I'm really worried right now b/c I literally can't do anything about it for a week... ughhhhhh

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    Yeah, I did that for over a week by accident.

    Horrible. Just horrible.

    I used up a ton of air fresheners, and nothing.

    My spot is a storage tub, I'm still scared to open it. Fucking can't believe I forgot about it.

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    I'd miss a day of classes and go back, personally. If your family asks, say you left your computer/other extremely important college accessory. It would justify you driving back at the expense of a whole day of college because the day would be useless if you didn't have whatever item you say you forgot.

    Honestly, it probably won't last the whole week without you getting caught. Even if they don't go in and check until you get back, it will probably smell so terrible by that point that they'll demand to know what was in there. The only way out I see is to go back and get rid of it before they find out.

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    I did something like that once, except it was two weeks and I was in Grand Cayman. I got back, the house smelled funny and my room smelled absolutely terrible. I was scared shitless because some friends of our street were looking after our cats while we were away. But, by some miracle, nobody found out (as far as I know). I got the diapers outside and I used a crap ton of air freshener, disaster was averted.

    In your case, if you can get back and get them out of there, I'd say do it. It gets very bad. Although, I've noticed that Bambinos can last a bit longer than other stuff I've tried. I don't know but it may just be alright, there will be a smell but it may not be as bad... you can hope, right?

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    Yea, going home is out of the option, that's a 6 hour drive total. I'll just have to wait until Friday, I have no other option. I mean it's under my bed, and my bed has a "skirt" around it that goes all the way to the floor, so that kinda helps out some, but will one bag tied pretty decent be able to hold the smell? I mean how quick will it take for the smell to get so bad?

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    when I wrap up diapers in grocery bags I always use at least two even three in order to cover up the smell. chances are that you have a very smelly situation under your bed. 12 hours of driving in a day is a lot but possibly your only option. is there any time of day you know that your family will not be at home because that would be ideal. unless you have any friends back at home who you trust enough?

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    Always double bag, triple where possible. That way if you forget, you're in much better shape as far as smell goes. Unless you decide to drop a deuce, then you're hosed no matter how many bags you layer.

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    I reckon you'll be ok seeing as it's just wet and it's bagged and hidden. It might produce a bit of a smell, but unless it was really repulsive, I don't think anyone would go looking. Hope all goes well for your sake.

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    Meh, 50/50 shot if it's just wet. They will stink pretty bad after a week. Your chance is that it's in a bag under a bed. That might knock down the worst of the smell and just make the room smell funky instead of nauseating.

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    I decided I'll make the 6 hour drive there and back today, better be safe than sorry. I need to do so much homework, but this is my life right here, so yea, I decided not to risk going a week. Hopefully no one will be home when I get there, then I can run in and run out, no questions asked, and it was like I never even left college

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