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Thread: Double diapers, stuffers, or frequent changes?

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    Default Double diapers, stuffers, or frequent changes?

    A topic that's been on my mind rather often, specifically when talking to other diaper uses, is this: Why do people wear multiple diapers at once?!

    I never quite understood why people want to wear multiple diapers at once. Sure, they do provide a rather bulky feeling, but at the end of the day, diapers are also pratical to me, and I wish to get my money's worth out of them. I can't quite see me using all the padding in the outside diaper(s) when I wear multiple ones, so it seems I'm wasting some of the absorbency.

    There's the option of stuffers, in my case little absorbent squares you can add to diapers. Those increase capacity, but on the other hand they also screw up the diaper's design and make it more prone to leaking. I mean the leakguards are meant to protect the liquid in the diaper from leaking out the sides. If you fill up the diaper with stuffers, you end up rendering the leak guards useless, especially for guys whose pee organ can move around and end up pointing sideways.

    That only leaves wearing just one single diapers with no stuffers, and changing more often. Most of the time, I tend to do it that way, because it maximizes the use of each diaper and minimizes the risk of leaking.

    What's your opinion on the matter?


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    Well normally i just wear one as i dont have alot of time in one so i would have to take it off regaurdless, so it would be a waste of another diaper...

    Since Im stuck with CVS and goodnites, I sometimes wear a goodnite then a CVS on top if i am going to be in a diaper for a long time, for better capacity.

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    Well, I don't do it myself, but one possiblity is that the bulk of a doubled diaper interferes with your gait so much that it forces you to toddle, and is thus more regressive. In other words, it's not really about the absorbancy at all.

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    I tend to only wear one on it's own, if only because I am at home and it is no problem to change anyway and I can never use the maximum capacity of a doubled diaper or stuffer in the time I have.

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    How do you wear more than one at once anyway? Just for the bulkiness? or do you make a cut in it to drain into the second diaper??

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkeeterTK View Post
    How do you wear more than one at once anyway? Just for the bulkiness? or do you make a cut in it to drain into the second diaper??
    Generally, you make a number of cuts in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akastus View Post
    Generally, you make a number of cuts in it.
    Doesn't the gel fall through to the next one then?

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    I sometimes cut open a goodnite, take out the absorbent part and put it in another goodnite, so I can wear it and wet it a lot more. I take the one without the absorbent stuff and use it for messing.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I tend to follow the "right tool for the right job" philosophy. For day-to-day use, I go with the Attends breathable briefs ($41-$48 per case of 72 on Amazon). If I know that I will be unable to change for an extended period of time (rituals, karaoke night, bus trips to NYC, etc), I go with Abena x-Plus (much more expensive but also holds more). I have never worn two diapers at once. It makes more sense to simply wear a more absorbent diaper when the situation requires it.

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    I do usually just wear one diaper...but when I'm not able to change for awhile I do use two...

    Usually a molicare size two one the inside and size 3 outside...

    I'm pretty big and can fill a molicare easily before I can get an easy change especially on long car ride or flight...


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