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    Red face Hi Everybody

    Hey everyone, I am new here just found out about the site from a thread on Gaia. I was so thrilled to find this forum. I am not new to ageply or AB. I am 22 but in spirit I am sometimes 5 but usually a toddler of about 2 or 3. I am excited to learn from others and make new friends that don't think I am absolutely nutso. LOL I look forward to meeting many of you. Thank you.

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    Hello and welcome!

    No one think's your "nutso" here - we all are here because we share a common interest (even if that interest may have different variations in all of us). So look around and post where you have something to contribute


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    I am sure that you will find us friendly and inviting. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Please feel free to post and check out the Wiki and forums.

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    gaia? as in GAIAONLINE GAIA?
    if so then I'M ON THERE TOO
    you can add me if you wish
    vetyp619 OR Jackson Zera Ecros 619

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    Greets, feel free to look around. There are lots of fun stuff and people here. The wiki articles are entertaining and very informative.

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    Welcome to the site, would this happen to be the thread?

    Forum :: Main Index | Gaia Online

    Good to have you here.

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    Thank you everyone for such a wonderful welcome.
    Jatsy I will definitely add you on Gaia.
    And Kenshin unfortunately no that wasn't the forum I found the site on.

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    There was a thread about us on Gaia? <3
    I feel special now.
    Heehee. I'm on there. My username's Meilos. Feel free to add me, and welcome to ADISC. =O

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    I dont know about you, but I am nutso! I won't think you are though because I dont know you.

    Have fun on the forums!

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