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Thread: perfect diaper for me?

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    Default perfect diaper for me?

    almost 20. 6'4 120lbs and 30 inch waist
    im beginning to have mild to moderate incontinence problems.
    the diapers ive tried are depend super absorbency. they're just too big and not discreet enough.
    and i have also tried underjams they hold alot but the sides rip too easily.
    is there a durable and discreet diaper out there?

    p.s. as soon as i get paid ill head to the doctors to get some help

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    I have to agree for mild to moderate the Abena level 2 is much better than many others and is very discreet for a plastic back diaper. XP Medical is very helpful as well as NorthShore Medical.
    Glad to hear that you are going to the doctor to get checked out.

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    Butterfly Mage


    You might also want to consider the slim version of the Molicare diapers. They would be perfect for mild/moderate incontinence as they are exceedingly trim, don't make a lot of noise, and have breathable sides. I tend to go this route in summer when the weather is hot.

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    Wow, you're tall and thin. You might have to try a number of different diapers to find the best fit. I'm 6', 220# and have learned that one size larger than I need works best, so I use the X-Large from Abena. You're going to wear something too big around the waist to get the length you need, and that's OK, I have actually found that works best.
    The most absorbent brands are Molicare, Abena, EuroDiaper, Bambino, and Dry 24/7. If you have the money, try them all, both medium and large, in sample packs. It will pay for itself in the long run, believe me. Too, don't be afraid to call the merchant for advice. Call XP Medical without hesitation and ask for Gary, the owner. Explain to him your size dilemma; if there's anybody out there who can and will help you, it's he. 1-888-485-2268

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    I use Tena Ultra Stretch Medium/regular. They only come in two sizes (med/reg 33"-52") and (lg/x-lg 41"-64"). I like that I can sit on them without worrying about them moving around etc. (I'm a wheelchair user) even though I have to overlap the tabs because the smallest size is a bit too big.

    They have a cloth backing, are extremely thin, but very absorbent and the tabs are unique because they are refasten-able but they run the whole length of side! This makes them fit more like snug underwear than diapers and allows you to make them fit to your exact body shape. It's also great if you have limited hand movement like myself or if you have to undo the tabs and redo them. They also don't seem to go as far up your back as other diapers.

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    I myself am 6'2" 220lb, my little brother, an inch shorter than me, and 130lb a few years ago could easily fit into a small, (26" waist)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFD View Post
    The most absorbent brands are Molicare, Abena, EuroDiaper, Bambino, and Dry 24/7. don't be afraid to call the merchant for advice.
    PFD, you left one out - this is the Active Ultra Plus and as far as capacity it holds more than the Abena X-Plus and just under the Dry24/7. Also VERY Discreet, I wear under both jeans and slacks to work in an office atmosphere and lots of running around. Also, the tapes are velcro but it has plastic backing. I can tighten them up and take them down for #2 when I need without changing.
    There have been complaints on the velcro tapes breaking but the trick is to tape slightly higher than normal on the bottom ones. It holds tighter around the back of the leg that way too - Sorta like the Attends that say to tape at angles. Since then I haven't had a single tape break. You should try them too!

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