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Thread: Animation - hand-drawn or CGI?

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    Default Animation - hand-drawn or CGI?

    It seems like most of the world's major animation studio has completely given up on hand-drawn animation, shifting solely to the world of CGI to get the job done.

    Pixar does a great job with it, but the nonstop flood of horrid Pixar wannabe feature films is really making me wonder when this trend will finally fucking die.

    The most recent hand-drawn animated feature film I have seen was Ponyo. It made me wish more studios were willing to put that much effort into an animated film.

    The problem I have with most CGI animated films is that it seems to me like very little heart is put into them. Not just in the animation front, but in levels of writing, direction and production as well. Most of them seem to me to have been produced just to cash in on a market of young audiences who are suckered in by a great looking trailer.

    And 3-D is something I never was much of a fan of, either. I don't want to pay admission price for a gimmick, I want a decent film if I'm going to pay that much for admission.

    I was wondering if there were others here who think that the quality of animated films was on a steady decline over the last decade. Looking at IMDB, there's several CGI animated films hitting the multiplexes by the time this summer comes around. I'll be shocked if any of them turn out to be any good.

    Then again, this little rant is coming from somebody who always thought The Black Cauldron was one of the best Disney films ever produced.

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    Both are great, if done right.
    Classic disney movies can be just as nice and awesome as the newer cgi style films.

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    i was very impressed with Tangled. It does seem like a lot of the animated films these days are devoid of heart, character, originality...but some are just brilliant, pixar films for example, but also some of the recent dreamworks films. I thought How to Train Your Dragon was fantastic!
    The other thing to bear in mind is that there were a lot of shitty traditionally animated films released...We only remember the classics, and the odd fluke that managed to meet Disney at the box office, such as Fievel, Land Before Time, a couple WB's...
    so yeah. Personally i prefer me traditionally animated films, most likely for the nostalgia.

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    As a total animation nerd, I loathe most of what the current CGI studios are putting out, but I think that has little to do with the medium and more to do with how it's used. Animators treat it like miniature real worlds and lose a lot of key features of animation/cartooning (line, fluidity, space). It's like they'd rather be working with live actors, so everything comes out very flat both visually and stylistically.

    You can see this if you compare the staging or color palettes of Tangled to Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Or for example, the Yogi Bear movie which lost the original's two best features (in my opinion): the clear construction of the character designs and the fantastic backgrounds.

    This isn't anything new though. A lot of hand drawn animation is just as bad. The current studios are really just recreating Scooby Doo.

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    Hand drawn.
    They haven't perfected CGI yet, and I cant stand it when done wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyboots View Post
    This isn't anything new though. A lot of hand drawn animation is just as bad. The current studios are really just recreating Scooby Doo.
    H/B has been recreating Scooby Doo (and making every other property they have into Scooby Doo) for the last 40 years. I'll never forgive them for what they did to Tom and Jerry (the Laff-A-Lympics episodes)...

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    i loved what dreamworks and Aardman did with flushed away, aardman used their original ideas of wallace and gromit with plasticine and dreamworks turned plasticine into CGI i was very impressed with this. personally i love both, i do preffer now though CGI animated films though... and like what daveindahood said, i too love the old disney animated movies

    yeh... wbdaddy they did ruin tom and jerry, i used to LOVE it... now whenever i try and find a fred quimby episode all i get is a bunch of crap with silly noises... not fun at all..

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    You know, I actualy enjoy making my own animations. When it comes to work though, hand drawn takes forever, and I use Computer programs to help with that. I bet CGI is a lot easier to use. But I was watching a documentary on Toy Story, and they had to sculpt out the head of Woody or something like that. Pixar movies never disappoint, so I would have to go with CGI.

    I have also studied a lot about animation techniques, and I can re-assure you that if you want to see something hand draw, watch Family Guy. What happens is, they send massive book of story boards overseas, and people there draw sketches for the show. It is very very costly because you have to figure, 1 second = 24 drawings at 24p. (Which is standard TV show FPS). So figure 21 minutes = 60 seconds, so thats 30,240 drawings. Take a whole movie, and thats REALLY long, really expensive and REALLLLY time consuming. CGI is better for major studios because it is done right there as opposed to overseas and whatnot. It's all economic.

    As for writing and directing, I have noticed that the writing has been a bit slow (bad). The most recent CGI film I have seen was Toy Story, but that was REALLY great. It's kind of a judgement thing. Pixar Movies will usually never disappoint. Dreamworks CGI movies may here and there, but they are still top quality. Now don't even get me started on "Straight-to-Home Video" movies. GOD NO! I will say though that cartoons are becoming low quality as well. Compare "Fanboy and Chum Chum" to "Regular Show". "Regular Show" seems like they actually put time into it. Fanboy and Chum Chum is just stupid. And I Mean STUPID

    What's REALLY lacking in the movie industry are the Scary Movie Names:
    The Stepdad
    The Orphan
    The Roommate

    YAWN! It's like they just open up a dictionary and find the first noun. What's Next? The Preacher? (No Joke, I just opened up a dictionary and that was the first word I got).
    Movies will vary, but don't expect anything great to become of any CGI movie that's not Disney or Dreamworks.

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    It's interesting that the cartoon series that kind of spawned all these low-grade uber-idiotic shows like "Fanboy and Chum Chum" was actually a meticulously drawn, meticulously written series (Ren & Stimpy) with a veritable mountain of great subtle humor in and amongst the slapstick and crudeness.

    Somewhere in the cloning sequence, something was lost in translation...

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    I like it when the two are combined i.e. Titan A.E., Anastasia, and Treasure Planet.

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