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Thread: Best cloth diapers/platic pants/onesies for a little girl?

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    Default Best cloth diapers/platic pants/onesies for a little girl?

    Its my darling wife's birthday in a month, and this year I want to get her set up with a complete ABDL wardrobe. She has no idea about this gift; its gonna be a big surprise!!! But, I know she'll LOVE it

    Privatina, in my opinion, has the best abdl clothing, i.e. onesies, diaper covers, frilly pants. Does anyone on r/ABDL have experience with privatina?

    And what opinions do people have with cloth diapers? I've tried and was a little disappointed. B4NS seems good, but kind of expensive. I'm still a little confused about form fitted vs plain rectangular shape, too. And pins versus velcro? Aahhh so many options!!!1!

    Finally, plastic pants. Which is better, pull-on or snap-on style? I'm thinking maybe one of each?? Oh, and I need to find the cutest, girliest, pink with frills pants that I can. Any suggestions?

    My wife is very petite (which I LOVE cuz she can still fit in pampers ) and is a size 00 dress, about 85-90 lbs (38-41kg),and 5'0" (152 cm) tall.

    So, I'm asking for help...suggestions...experiences with best companies and products. Can ADISC help?! Thanks, guys and gals!

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    I dont use adult diapers as i fit babies ones which is much better im sure your wife will fit baby ones also just lay one or two out flat fold two corners inwards to make a triangle you will find that making a point will make the diaper too small so have a flat area of about 5 inches fold another diaper in half and place it down the middle as a soaker lay down on it pull it up between your legs you will find you will have to fold the top down some as it will be to big; good luck;

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