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    Well . . . according to adics i have become a Lurker. I am not all that much into posting and blogging, hence the Lurker status. So i figured i had to start sometime.

    A little about me . . . i play xbox. . Which in my oppinion is the best but everyone is entitled to there own preference and oppinions. i play online with Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Although currently i am addicted to Half Life 2: The Orange Box. Cant wait for Bulletstorm, Homefront, and of course. . . Gears 3! I listen to rock and metal. Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice and Chains, and System of a Down are currently my favorites at the moment but Disturbed has always been my favorite so i dont see that changing soon. soooooo there you go. . .

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    Welcome to ADISC. I think you will enjoy posting on this forum instead of just reading it.

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    Wink hihi

    Hello Persondude Welcome to ADISC its a great website here we have here, lots of fun fun things to do. Im also a fan of Disturbed, well I say im a fan i like one of there songs lol, "Down With The Sickness", but if the rest of there music is like that then im a fan. I Also like Papa Roach's Blood Brothers, Last Resort and Drowning Pool Sinner, Bodies.

    Have you read the Site Rules yet ? lots of usefull and important information on how to play safe there.

    I have never played XBOX myself so i would be curious to know if there is a game called Deus Ex available for XBOX? I used to play it on PC and was a bit of a celebrity in the multiplayer world.
    It was Kind of New Age Cyber Punk Action game, Totaly Awsome

    Well All the best to you, i hope you enjoy yourself on the site and have a great time making friends and having fun.

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    Gears 3 is gonna be sick as hell... Welcome and all that!

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