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    Hey, 19 year old Tulsan young adult baby here. Lurked on here for a bit, and decided just to go ahead and register. I like long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners. (Sucks that there's no beaches for miles where I live, nor have I even been to one... Same goes for candle-lit dinners.)

    I'm an avid RPer and old school PC gamer as well. Though I do occasionally play some newer games.

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    Greetings Warlock 918, and welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy youself here. Define "old-school" - it does cover rather a lot of ground. Any other interests besides gaming and your virtual long walks?

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    By old-school, I'd say early to mid 90's... Back before PC gaming wasn't even popular... Back before Windows 95 came out. Had my first computer when I was still in diapers. (Two years old.) Even though I still am in diapers to this very day. =p

    But uh, I -do- RP at times, though I'm a bit selective on who and what I RP with. I do make some weird videos that most people would find rather unusual or at times, a bit disturbing. (The Emergency Alert System.)

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    Hmm, that would be around the time I first started PC gaming. Had a Commodore Amiga before that. Any particular games that stand out for you?

    You produce mock EAS messages? Interesting hobby.

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    Hi Warlock918
    Welcome to ADISC its great to see that you finaly decided to make an introduction post. I also like going for long walks, furthest I have done is 3 miles. Have you read the Site Rules yet ? you can find a copy of them here.

    Its always good to see a new face on the site, its always lots and lots of fun. Have you ever heard of a computer game called ? My user name on that was Tactics, I was pretty well known back in the day lol (making myself sound like im 30 or something) well on that one game anyway.

    We also have a live chat that you might be intrested in, wich you can find here, there is a channal wich we have there just for roleplay.

    I hope you enjoy your time with us on the site im shure you will make lots of friends here, and once again a big welcome to you from every one at ADISC.
    Play safe and enjoy.

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    I love Deus Ex! Though when I played it all the time, I was only about 9 or 10, so I wouldn't stand a chance in online mode... Everytime I wear sunglasses, I was reply when asked, "My vision is augmented."

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