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Thread: The Limits of Pagan Standard Time

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default The Limits of Pagan Standard Time

    So... Pagans are not known for starting worship services on time. The joke is that "Pagan Standard Time" often differs radically from the time shown on the nearby wall clock. For the Pagans and Wiccans here, I pose this question: How late is TOO late? What is the limit of Pagan Standard Time?

    In my group, we try to start services no later than fifteen minutes late. I've been to other groups that start *hours* late.

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    Of course, if you're a Christian, Jew, or Muslim (or anything else) and your services start late all the time and it bugs the crap out of you, please feel free to comment too!

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    I'm usually guilty of getting somewhere way too early rather than too late. I wouldn't presume to say whether you were starting things too late. I think that really depends on the people involved. Wouldn't there be a sort of socializing time beforehand?

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    It isn't just Pagan standard time. I've heard that saying from several groups, religious or not.
    It seems acceptable to start 5 minutes late most places as all clocks are not atomic "yet" and there can be a variance in one persons time and another.

    As for hours late, I would simply leave and find someone who is serious about what they are doing next time.

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    At my church services are always right on time. It's the people showing up who are late and making noise

    I don't know how it works with you guys but I know if ours started any later than 30 minutes late people would probably just leave in a huff.

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    A lot of stuff for me(Native, which I guess is technically 'pagan')- not just religious but life in general a lot of the time xD- seems to run on "Indian time"- it happens when it happens, generally no set schedule, and even if there is its more a loose estimation of when things will happen. Example- We were heading to Ohio for a lodge that was going to happen "in the evening." We were carpooling and everyone was supposed to meet at noon. Some people didn't get there til nearly 1, we stopped to eat, didn't get there til damn near 6, were afraid we were late. The lodge didn't happen til sometime after 10 PM- definitely "in the evening"! xD

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