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Thread: New Luvs Ad on TV

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    Default New Luvs Ad on TV

    Didn't know if anybody else has seen this ad yet or not. It is for Luvs diapers and is an 'American Idol' sort of spinoff, very cartoonish, and is the 'Heavy Dooty Championships'.

    Basically three cartoon babies that fill their diapers, each one having a progressively bigger diaper expansion.

    Probably the best part of the ad is the final tagline they say on it: "What happens in diapers, stays in diapers." I had to laugh.

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    well I think the tag line is "What happens in diapers should stay in diapers" implying that it does not for other brands.

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    I love that ad. Sometimes I wish I was in it

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    I think someone made a thread about this.
    Not all too sure, but yeah, it have me a little chuckle when I saw it.

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    I'm in the uk so I probably won't ever see it as luvs are most likely not going to launch in the UK any time soon..

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    Haha iv just seen it on YouTube the third one looked like it was about to explode!
    It was pretty funny with the first one it expanded out and I'm like "if that's just the first one.. Oh my god I don't want to see the other 2"

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    The original thread on this subject was here, just closed through disuse by a few days: There was another one that came along while this was still open that got closed for duplication. No new reactions on that one.

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