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    My nickname is rererere. I'm new to these forums. I am a longtime visitor at ABkingdom among other sites and they recently published a ranking of most visited AB-related sites and I checked a bunch of them out including this one. I'm male, a university student in The Netherlands in my early 20's and my interests include gaming, sports (yoga, martial arts, running), as well as some other stuff I don't want to mention here because I'm paranoid enough to think that if I list all my interests here that someone can piece together my real life identity by using that data.

    I'm generally a lurker at sites, the reason I'm making an account here and are actually posting is because I read a little bit through the forums and liked some of the discussions taking place because well... they seemed at least somewhat intelligent. Generally I've found it a waste of time to read forums at websites because there's no interesting content or little activity taking place. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting miracles, but it would be nice to communicate for once with people that share an interest in this side of me.

    I've always kept the AB part of me to myself and have shared it throughout the years with ten (female) friends, some of which were more interested in the subject than others. I've been writing stories for years and have gotten better and better with each one, they're in Dutch however (I tried writing in English once so I would have the option of sharing it at a site, but it really was not good enough) so I'll be keeping them to myself as the only Dutch site related to this community is not a place I care to post at.

    I've never done any actual AB stuff (I do hear it is very healthy to suppress your entire sexuality) but I'm hoping to change that soon. I've recently contacted one of the ten and asked her to help me out with it because I want to make sure I look, well, cute. I don't want to look like one of those pictures I can't wait to click away online. You can say me posting here and me exploring this side of me in real life is related as I've decided to no longer be embarrassed by it.

    Anyway, if you're interested in learning more about me you're free to ask questions.



    PS: Maybe I should have come up with a different nickname now that I'm actually posting at a site....

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    Hi rererere,

    It's nice to see a detailed post in the intros forum. I understand your paranoia. I have enough unique hobbies and interests that if I listed them all, there wouldn't be too many other people in the world who would fit the description. If you decide you want to change your nickname, there is a way to do it in your user profile I believe. If you have trouble, you can post something in the requests or admin forum.

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