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    Anyone have some advice for ways to get yourself to relax. Really needed to calm down from my panic at the moment (the caffeine doesn't help with this either), as its obviously not healthy. Add to it the caffeine, which is already going to be knocking my blood pressure up, and I'm 90% certain if I don't get to a calm in a few hours, it might be really bad (or I could be totally wrong, but pretty sure sustained periods of high blood pressure=bad).

    Anyways, so any tips for relaxing, calming down, what have you? Been taking deep breaths and it has been helping, but still feel it isn't doing enough (or maybe the caffeine is doing too much?)

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    do something childish!

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    My favorite way to relax is to put on a diaper but taking a hot shower, having a cup of tea (no coffee), meditating, going for a walk, listening to some mellow tunes helps too. Sometimes talking about things also helps.

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    Drink some water, exercise, and meditate? Exercising releases endorphins which are natural tranquilizers.

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    meditation - no really
    herbal teas - chamomile and hops and valerian etc. etc. (obviously not all in the same cup of course) can be good
    exercise - good way to burn up energy and get rid of stress and calm down
    mood lighting - lower light can = feeling more serene

    there's always just lying in a semi-dark room with some really mellow shoegaze playing all snuggled up in a blanket and just lying there and doing nothing

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