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    Um, hi there.

    You can call me Hayden, I'm a 21 year old genderqueer femme who's a little nervous and shy to be here.
    I'm currently a college student studying as a child development major (lol) who's always felt either far older or far younger than my actual age. I've been a Little since I was young myself, around 13, but I've never thought of looking into the AB world until just recently after watching a documentary and relating so much with the feelings of comfort and freedom they were speaking about.
    I love video games, animals, kids shows. I've always been a Disney brat and will forever. I also love writing poems and working on books, as well as drawings.

    Why I'm here? Honestly, to explore this and to get support and to know that wanting this isn't a failing of me to grow up or that I can't handle life, but that it's something that's okay to be and okay to do and holding onto my childhood and the things I love from it isn't wrong.

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    OMG, IT'S SO CUTE! Pikachu was one of my nicknames in school.

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    I think because I was tiny and I was able to do the voice perfectly then. I also have and have had pets who everyone says looks like a real life pikachu aside from color, so that probably helped.

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    welcome, and nice field of study

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