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    Couldn't find a thread for this so thought i'd start one!

    What kind of mobile phone does everyone have?

    I have a iPhone 4 32GB black

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have an iPhone 3Gs w/ 16Gb that I like quite a bit.
    My spare phone is a SonyEricsson Xperia x10 that I mostly use as a wireless modem for my laptop. Other than the fact that it has a really fast data rate, the phone is close to useless and an incredible disappointment.

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    My phone wins.
    LG Chocolate. 4 years old. Bad Internet and the 0 key doesn't work plus the battery life sucks. It owns your fancy iPhones :P

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    yeah lf chocolate has to be like the greatest phone out there :P

    i used to have 3gs but got rid of it for the iphone 4 :P had iphones since they first came out

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    Black iPhone 3GS 32GB. Had a long line of Windows Mobile-based smartphones before that.

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    Currently have a16GB iPhone 4 but previously had a Blackberry Bold 9000.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Blackberry Storm 2 9550. It's not bad, but I can't wait for the new HTC Thunderbolt or the Motorola DROID Bionic to drop. About the only think I really like about the Storm 2 is its world phone capabilities, but now that VzW rapes on global data roaming, I could care less.

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    I have a 16gb Driod 2 Global and I am glad I switched from the envy touch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andoo View Post

    Couldn't find a thread for this so thought i'd start one!

    What kind of mobile phone does everyone have?

    I have a iPhone 4 32GB black
    I have 2:

    -RIM Blackberry 8900 Curve - Orange UK
    -TCT Alcatel OT-800 Tribe - T-Mobile UK

    Need to replace both of them quite soon. They are covered in scratches, The blackberry is crashing far too much, even after re-installing the OS, and they only have EDGE Internet connection, Which is bad because i spend my life online. Oh and i must have spent over 100 on Blackberry headsets because i'm always chewing on them and destroying them.

    Also ADISC website doesn't work on phones anymore

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    I have a Nokia 1110. It's about 4 years old, and without even a colour screen there is of course no internet/camera etc, but the battery still lasts over a week and it's never had a single glitch despite dropping it tons of times and spilling countless liquids on it, plus it has oldschool Snake so I don't see myself replacing it any time soon.
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