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Thread: A debate

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    Default A debate

    What kind if diaper is better? Tabs or pull on.

    i say tabs because 1)they are like real diapers
    2)They hold more

    I had a depends pull up and it leaked on me, and didnt do a very good job holding yea.....

    But all the tape diapers ive had work well.

    What do you guys think

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    Cloth. It's the "realest" of them all as far as I'm concerned. Hell, I was raised in cloth during my first go-around with diapers in the early '80s.

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    disposible, i like tabs but since i couldn't get them i stick with pull ups.

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    I hate pull ups the dont dont hold mess very well i feel. Beside I feel pull up defeat the purpose of a diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbabyx View Post first go-around with diapers...
    Hehe, never heard that expression before. Well done! :P

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    I like pull ons because they normally don't tear or break where if u were running the tapes will eventually fall off and those who think they don't hold enough I'd buy pampers baby diapers as a booster pad

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    tabs all the way, i'm undecided if I want to give cloth a try.

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    I have worn tabs, pullups and makeshift cloth (linen dish towels work really well held in place with a pair of briefs and plastic pants made from a trash bag). I really like the way the cloth feels when wet, it doesn't swell up like disposables, and I like to wet it until the whole thing and the undies too are completely soaked. One day maybe I can afford to buy proper adult cloth and some plastic pants. I also like the idea of cotton training pants with plastic pants but those are expensive!

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