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Thread: Steelers or Packers?

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    Packers! Steelers have six super bowl winnings already, and they don't need another one. Go Packers! Steelers are EVIL. Go Packers!

    I think I forgot to mention - Go Packers!

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    I am a life long Redskins fan so I am going with Green Bay because they are in the NFC. Plus they are somewhat the underdog too so Go Packers!!!!!

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    I normally go for the underdog's and the team that hasn't been in the superbowl in sometime. But this year i'm going with the steelers. But I don't really honestly care for either team. 2 out of 3 of my teams are in the NFC West which sucked for the most part. Not sure how the seahawks beat the saints though.

    49ers, Saint Louis Rams or Chargers. (St louis got me into football with the 1999 or 2000 super bowl.)

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    Steelers, not because I actually like the team, but because I loathe Packers with a passion. My most hated teacher of all time was a Packers fan, how I relished every day his team lost. Muhahahahaha

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    Packers are probably gonna win given that the Steeler's center fucked up his ankle, but if they do lose, there's a pretty good chance it'll be a close game.

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