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Thread: Ok I need some suggestions.....

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    Default Ok I need some suggestions.....

    OK I need $195 for rent tomorrow does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get that in a day and suggestions would greatly help

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    Sell 2 things for $100 each.

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    $200 for the next day isn't easy - if its for rent how long did you know before that you was going to be short? Do you have a budget, steady income, a registry? You should see things like this coming at least 2 weeks before and prep for it. I know things come up but rent money should be looked at as 'not even there' because if you are broke and something happens then you need to find other ways to fix that problem or delay it and make due because it's a lot harder to get anything done without a place to live. The above advice is actually probably best. Look at what you already have and even tho it hurts - sell it fast. Take it as a hard lesson learned and don't do it again. Yeah, that includes your computer you used to msg here. Take a loss - you can replace the computer faster than having to move - pay deposits and other things that will cost a LOT more. I can't spare $200 but there's my 2 cents. Times are hard for most everyone just bite the bullet and don't let it happen again. Maybe even a colateral loan on stuff?

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    I would do a loan...Only if you have the ability to give the money back on time o.o ...
    Maybe the Mafia will help :U :P

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    ask your mum for it

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    Try to ask your parents to help you out and promising that you will pay them back (if you could do that, that is). If not, then try to pawn some stuff that you don't need.

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