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Thread: Which do you like more Clean or Wet diaper

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    Default Which do you like more Clean or Wet diaper

    Actually the third choice would be messy. Which do you like best Clean, Wet, Messy, or Wet and Messy.

    For me it has to be a tie between Clean and Wet. Clean diapers feel good because there fresh and soft and bulky. Wet diapers feel good because there warm and wet. When i pee in my diaper while wearing tight briefs and just flood the diaper the underwear sometimes forms the perfect shaped wet diaper that feels amazing when you rub it.

    I think clean diapers look better then wet diapers. But i like the feel of both clean and wet diapers, what do you like?

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    (I think more appropriate in the "diaper talk" forum)
    In answer to your question, I prefer wet diapers because of convenience, a dry diaper is soft and comfy but it's actually louder than when it's wet. I would choose messy because it feels THE best, but convenience for both me, my skin and people around me is not good.

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    I've never had diapers, but my guess would be just wet and still warm, or clean

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    A wet one can be kinda fun for a small period of time but after a bit if time you understand why babies prefer to be in dry ones :p

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    While I like to wet in them, I don't like to spend much time in it once it is wet. A nice dry soft one for me.

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    Dry is nice when first put on, but a nice full wet one is great--at least when you've just wet, or shortly thereafter--a cold wet one is not so much fun. I've only messed a couple of times, and while it's fun while it's happening and immediately thereafter, it stinks (no pun intended) to sit in one for a while and especially to clean it up--which is why I don't mess my diapers anymore.

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    depends, usually dry... but I like to be wet too. Not too wet, I hate leaking

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    All of the above! As the song says a time and place for everything. I can stay in a dry one indefinatly, a wet one barely over night and messy less than an hour or two.

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