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    Hey guys, I guess I gotta introduce myself to continue lurking around I'm an 18 year old guy, and a DL coming back from a little break over it all from when i was around 15. I had gotten ahold of a pack of goodnites, depends refastenables and briefs when i was younger. Now it's sparked back up with another pack of depends.

    Bash Depends all you want, but as that supply has ran thin I started looking on how to get something better, despite all my local pharmacies having nothing. Long story short, I ended up driving almost 30 min to a pharmacy to find that they carry Tena Super briefs. I bought them, but it was a bag of 28 so my hiding skills are going to have to do some magic. Hopefully they'll be a nice improvement over Depends

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    Welcome to ADISC, Kyle!

    What are some of your other non-*B/DL interests?

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    Cars, a little bit of the racing scene, and swimming. It's kinda wierd talking about it. Not a single soul knows about the whole DL part of me.

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    American in a straight line stuff. I have a '95 Camaro Z28 convertible that's my toy, haven't done anything to it yet. I've been helping my buddy alot lately, he threw a connecting rod recently. He's in the process of putting a 347 stroker in it, and blowing around 12lb's into it. We're guessing it should put down 460whp. As far as racing, it's going to the local 1/8th every now and then. Nothing major. Most of our fun happens on the street

    I could go on forever about that kind of stuff...haha

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    Hi Kyle...welcome to ADISC.

    I like cars too. My favorite is a 1969 Olds (Hurst) 442. A friend's dad owns one. It has 445 cubic inch Rocket V-8 engine which produces 380 HP and 500 pounds of torque. It's a sweet ride.

    Again..welcome to ADISC.

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