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    Default Diaper research

    Well - it's time to try a new diaper from my sample pack.

    So today it is Tena Pants Super - Pull-Up underwear - Absorption Level 7*

    I don't normally like pull ups due to the sagging.

    Has anyone else had experience of these?

    I will post my feedback in a day or two

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    I'd love to hear the results, when they're in. Never tried the brand, so no info. Sorry

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    Tena pants

    Absorbency - good
    Size - good fit, very comfy
    Saggyness - very saggy by the morning. I think it could easily have leaked if I had stayed in bed any longer

    But not bad for a general day time diaper.

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    I wouldn't really call them a diaper, They don't have leak guards and to me. It just looks like one of those inserts you put into your underwear for small incon leaks. I tried them before and I have to say I prefer The Tena Slips.

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    They do have some advantages (ie pull ups) but I think I will keep with the Lil classics.

    Time to try another one of my trial pack tonight.

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