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Thread: Is there anyway i can make myself physically incontinent?

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    Default Is there anyway i can make myself physically incontinent?

    I want to become physically incontinent and be forced to wear diapers 24/7 i dont want to be able to hold my piss at all anymore! is there any way i can make myself be incontinent without surgery, or if it requires surgery i want to do it to myself. I want to be incontinent for the rest of my life! anyone know how i can acomplish this?

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    This is a question about causing damage to yourself. We don't support this.

    Just to add,
    Making yourself incontinent isn't fun. It would take the fun out of wearing diapers, And would be a huge inconvenience in life. Plus the fact that wearing 24/7 would be very expensive.

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    Indeed, providing advice on doing harmfull things - including advice on how to become incontinent - is against the site's rules. That's because, appart from just training your body to "go" when it needs to (which is not a short process) there is no safe way to do lose blader and bowel control, period.

    Not to mention that being incontinent is surrly, at best, a huge headache...

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    Wait, you want to perform surgery on yourself? Well, that is unique in that I see no possible way that could end well for you. This just sounds like the worst idea I know of. Heck, even making yourself incontinent is a bad enough idea, why would you want to reek more untold havoc on your body?

    Start respecting your body, and start respecting our site rules, which are very specific about not posting personal/meetup ads (as was your introduction) and not advocating methods that would cause self-harm, a rule this thread violates.

    Thread closed. If you want an answer to whether or not you should make yourself incontinent, it is an emphatic "no!"

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