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    Howdy. So i'm going to get right into it. Since I was about 10 I have loved diapers. My mom ran a day care out of our house, and always had me help take care of the babies. A lot of times i felt left out and like my mom wasn't giving me any attention, but i made the connection that she gave babies lots of attention (holding, hugging, stopping them from crying, etc.), and that babies wore diapers. I tried my first diaper, and wasn't really into it, until i accidentally wet it. I was in heaven. As i turned out, i had a bed wetting issue most of my life, and when i was about 13, my parents recommended i start wearing Goodnites to bed. I was ecstatic. So, thats how i became into diapers.

    I was simply browsing the interwebs one day, whilst wearing a diaper, when this site popped up. I was immediately fascinated, but too shy to post or join. Now I'm not.

    Outside of my baby life: I attend High School right now, I'm currently a Junior (3rd year). Outside of school, I'm a gamer. Hardcore. I'm sure you've heard of it, but my favorite game is World of Warcraft. I also play Starcraft 2, League of Legends, any and all 1st person shooter Xbox games, and many more games. I'm a nerd, but i don't let anyone outside of my family know that.

    One thing i hope to gain from joining this site is to gain some friends that feel the same way about diapers as I do.

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    Welcome to adisc Failinn!

    What's your main on WoW? I was a Horde pvp-server player. Played since classic, stopped towards the end of WotLK due to college taking up so much time, and I've been off/on for the game since Burning Crusade anyways. I played a Tauren shammy in classic, then a UD lock at first then a BE pally in BC. In WotLK I took off on a BE (disc) priest. I loved it. Played in the wold turny with friends and dipped in shadow now and then.

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    I play a Tauren paladin. I've been playing since vanilla. Personally, I love raiding the most. I also do a few arenas though. My guild is currently 11/12 and 4th on Zul'Jin. I actually have videos of a few of our raids and my personal 2v2 team if you want the YouTube link. I roll holy.

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    Ah, a healadin. Did you play a pally in vanilla too? The time of the shockadin was legendary :p . A most impressive guild!

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    Right on. Out of curiosity did you ever play while padded? It always made me chuckle when people said brt, DC. Made me want to use it for Diaper Change. Though thinking of that, there was an ab/dl guild I found one day. I was surfing through google results and encountered their guild site years idea if they are still around or what server they were on.

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    Ranked solo queue rating on LoL? favorite champ? I'm personally a beast with Cho, and AP eve, but I've been trolling with trundle.

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    I ALWAYS play while wearing a diaper. It makes raiding easier. You never have to get up to go bio.

    My summoner level is only 11 atm. Favorite champ is Kayle, but I've been playing with Kassadin a lot lately. When im bored and really feel like messing people up i roll with Annie.

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    'Chuckles' Yeah, brb bio? Nah I'm good :p . All in all welcome to ADISC again, you've already made a diaper friend.

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    Welcome, Failinn!

    I tried WoW once. I don't think I was very good at it though. I kept getting killed and spent a lot of time running around as a ghost. lol I guess I'm more used to single player games. Is Starcraft II good? I'm looking for a really good sci-fi space game.

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