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Thread: Give others a fursona?

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    Default Give others a fursona?

    So, I was sitting around thinking today (I have lots of time to think)
    But I started to wonder, I notice I do it every now and then, Does anyone else find themselves giving those around them a fursona?

    For example, I find that I see one of my best friends as a gray wolf, another I chose to make a arctic get the picture.

    So do you do it? If so, what do you see some of the people around you as? and finally if they knew you were a furry, would you tell them their fursona?

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    Ummm, I have with my best school friends. They totally accept me as a furry, and I have even drawn them and assigned them furry names ^_^

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    hmmm that is rather interesting. I never caught myself doing such, but I do help others find a fursona that suits them well, matching their personity and all ^^

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    I know a couple furs, (VERY few know that I for sure a fur though) and I just kinda imagine people as a furry sometimes.

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    I've never done it, granted being more of a furry fan, then actually furry probably plays into it. Don't think I'd be able to, as you have to pretty much come out in a fursuit for me to even come up with an idea of what you'd be xD

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