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    Hello everyone. As you can guess, I am new to this site. Here is some info about me:

    I'm 25, male, and is what some people call a computer geek. I like to work on computers and play video games. I am also into anime, music, movies, and hang out with others in the same interest.

    That is what the outside world sees of me. In the private side, I think myself as a AB and DL. Not sure what percentage of which at the moment. I do have diapers, onesies, bottles, and a paci. Even though I have these, I don't wear often because I still live with my parents. Yes I realize I am a little old to do that, but that my choice.

    If you would like to know more about me, send me a message and we will see how it goes.

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    Hi cyberdraco, welcome to ADISC!

    Good job with your introduction. You should be aware though, that you will not be able to private message anybody until you've made a certain number of posts. I forget the exact amount, but I'm sure somebody will jump in with the answer.

    You may find yourself at home in the Computers and Games sub-forum, and don't forget to check out the Live Chat!

    You may like to share your music interests in this new thread:

    What games consoles do you own?

    My girlfriend and I are still living with her parents too. It's far cheaper than getting our own place!

    If you need any help with anything, don't hesitate to ask!

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    I have several music bands I like and it will take too long to list. The type of music is rock and classic rock.

    The game consoles I own are a Nintendo Wii and a custom computer I put together to handle any new game that comes out.

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    Ah... I only like the Wii for one thing... and that is Tennis!

    *Is awesome at Wii Tennis.*

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    Welcome to the team!
    I hope you have a lot of fun here becoming a active member!

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