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    So how many of you like quizzes...

    I just took one on facebook...
    How old are you inside?

    This is what it had to say about me!!!!

    1 week
    You was born a week ago and you wine about everything and the keep on hittin your momma

    Well... at least I'm in the right spot....

    so anything that confirms your *b'ness?

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    i took that quiz and i got like 30.

    guess that makes sense seeing as im not an AB

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    I don't have a Facebook, so I did a Google Search...

    One quiz said I was 19-45 (LOL, broad range huh?); the second quiz said I was "12 and older". I dunno what quiz you guys took, but these two didn't seem to be all that accurate not to mention informative. :P

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    I've done those quizzes from time to time. One that comes to mind is a quiz that said I was 15, when I was actually 15 at the time. So it did good.

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    I was a whiny two-year old. :P

    I got indignant and said "I am not whiny."

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    I love quizzes!!! I am like addicted!!! I take so many and have even made a few. He he.

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