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    Default awkward situations to go in

    Tonight I went out to a local bar and I went diapered. After several drinks, as you might imagine, I had to go...several times. One of these times I found myself having to relieve myself was while talking to the owner of the establishment and the mayor of the city! So who else has found themselves in dire need of going and forced into an awkward time of going?

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    I went the other day whilst driving. Sitting down is never great for leakage so I was really worried as I had no spare clothes!

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    I've started wearing to work and now wet while talking to random coworkers. Didn't really think about it at first, just went, but now finding it rather amusing. : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    once when i was talking to my gf on the phone.
    I've done that also, gets a bit dodgy when she goes "Why've you gone all quiet on me then?" .....errrrrm, something on tv!

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    im never really in that situation. :\ lol i only wear diapers in private.

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