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Thread: Im new!

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    Default Im new!

    Im JHGoodnite. TBDL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHGoodnites View Post
    Im JHGoodnite. TBDL!
    Hi and welcome to ADISC!

    Your introduction did not tell us much about yourself, except that you are TBDL...which is usually a given among new members here. Could you share some of your non-*B/DL hobbies? If you need help coming up with something to say, one of the mods wrote an excellent article titled "Cheat Sheet to a Great Introduction."

    Quote Originally Posted by dllover07 View Post
    What goodnites do u wear?
    Generally, it is considered rude here to ask someone what diaper they are wearing. After all, you wouldn't walk up to someone you didn't know and ask them what kind of underwear they are wearing, would you?

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    well i guess i meant boys or girls? besides they do have posts on what diaper u wear right?

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