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    Just a heads up for people with a diaperspac acct. I had one and just deleted it. A co worker sent me a text message saying he saw graphic pics of me on the internet. Somehow he and others were able to google me and my diaperspace page came up in the results.

    Please becareful with diaperspace. There are other sites out there that do not show up in a google search and is a lot safer if you dont want to be discovered. I hope no one else goes through what I went through last night

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    I typically use the same screen name/username for everything and it's on my license plate too so when you google it you find all the forums I post on under the username. When I created this account though I picked one that would be impossible to find. Then I tried to google it just to see if adisc popped up and it didn't. My name isn't anywhere where you would be able to connect it to any of my diaper accounts.

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    well its not really a good idea to use your real name for DL related sites
    Feel sorry for you man
    That sucks that they googled you
    Take Precautions next time and hope you can say something that will make
    the coworker think its just a coincedence

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewx View Post
    Can they find you if they google your email ?
    As long as you don't post it somewhere, no. I never post my hotmail e-mail anywhere publicly and couldn't find anything for it (I've signed up with sites on it though). But have posted my other e-mail on a couple sites and it popped up. Point to bringing that up? Don't post your e-mail where it can be picked up/viewed by google and should be fine.

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    Well you see, this is the bonus of having a name that sounds like a fake name, because people assume it is, and there are so many others with my name that even if I do post it they can't find me through google anyway. That said, never post your real name on the internet, keep away from posting real life addresses, ETC ETC. Sorry that happened to ya man... what'd they say exactly? What're the consequences of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbonfiber View Post
    Anything that you post on the internet can be used against you.
    Only if it can be tied to you through legal means.

    As far as this username goes I have the convenience of it being spammed off the page by the acronym "know what i'm saying" among other competitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    Only if it can be tied to you through legal means..
    Not only legal. In some threads I've seen, once you post it, it usually sticks around, so you can change your opinion and such, but it's still there. I would link but, eh.

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