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Thread: Oh Dear: Package Arrives At Wrong Time

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    Default Oh Dear: Package Arrives At Wrong Time

    Hello everyone! So if you read my blog or my latest posts, you would have known that I ordered a pack of Abena X-Plus' from I ordered them on Thursday, and expected them to arrive anytime between Friday (as I live close) and Sunday). When I saw he didn't get the letter on Friday, I expected them to arrive on Sunday, or Monday.

    But today I got the surprise of a lifetime. I was outside working in the front yard, with the other 3 members of my family, when the FedEx man came. This was around 3:30. So everyone looks in his direction, and I go up and reciever the package, heart racing. My brother asked what was in it, and I used an excuse, that I thought no one would believe. I just said it was a CD full of short loops.

    My excuse to get the money in the first place was that I was buying a CD. So I said "Yeah, he shipped it in a large box for kicks." ... And They believed it. WOW!

    So Now, I'm half typing this thread, and half playing short musical loops from the first CD I have. I'll be sure to try them out tonight, but this was a story that I had to share.

    Thanks for reading this

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    "What's in the box?"
    "A part for my computer"

    Works every time.

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    My dad and brother are both computer geeks. I'm computer-illiterate. Would not of worked. But I like the idea.

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    I've had to make up an excuse for a package arriving. Mind races to come up with a quick response and not sound suspicious. Glad to hear that it turned out all right though

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    I love Gil's excuse for a box, but I had a delivery from asda (see my blog "ooops") that wasn't in a box but open my mum and sister were in the next room and I sort of floundered a lot, I got away with them not seeing the worst of it but it was still embarrassing

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    Whew! It's lucky that everyone believed you.

    I'm fortunate because I've ordered so much stuff from online before that no one really ever asks. Usually I'll say something about what I ordered and no one checks the box.

    And I've received stuff from eBay in some pretty weird boxes, so even getting rid of a diaper box probably wouldn't be that big of a deal. People might ask about it and I'd just say that they must not have wanted to waste a good box and that would be it.

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    Those excuses all work depending on the situation, but parents like mine, would get quizicle and ask how it was paid for, or something.

    Enjoy your Abenas.

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    Wow! You got lucky! I can imagine how it felt to be so close to be caught! Great story!

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    great cover. Thats exactly why i havent ordered online lol.

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