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Thread: my intro!

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    Default my intro!

    I used to hate hate hate doing this :-D

    Anyway, as far as who I am? A college student (isn't everyone?) who loves psychology. Absolutely infatuated with it. Got to be a chicken/egg thing in there somewhere , right?

    So, I like diapers, duh. I mostly these day like girls in them, but still kind of enjoy wearing them. DL mainly. A little bit of roleplay but not AB, more like, too old for diapers and put back in them for some reason. It's got t do with how I started I'm sure. My grandmother encouraged me to wear them at her house "just in case." For real. Age 5 or so. I found out a looking time later that my mom used to wet the bed until 9 or so. So that's where that must have come from. I never wet the bed, but I loved wearing them. I liked having "big boy diapers."

    Other interests? Video games, general computer stuff. The occasional party. Reading's good. I'm unexciting, haha.

    I'm mainly a lurker. I'll contribute if I've got something worth sharing. And I love stories.

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    good intro,what sort of computer stuff are you into?

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