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Thread: can't escape this pain

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    Default can't escape this pain

    I have had another dream of my old "master"/ complicated lover
    I miss him so much... he was token from me out of my control and yet i still hurt over him the pain goes on for so long...
    It has been maybe almost 6 months but he seems to be my true love...
    Thought I moved on, I have an amazing bf who is loving and all... This pain tho still hurts me the dream makes it clear. I was in the dream talking to him on the phone he told me things will be like the old days when me and him were close as can be. He appeared infront of me holding me in his arms... talking to me and i felt so happy.... It was amazing. This pain is killing my heart.... i want him back but i know I have a great bf. I cannot have him back tho

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    I know that pain very well.

    The best advice I can give to you is to find a higher power, and place your pain in his or its hands. Sometimes, a spiritual solution is necessary when even the love of others is not enough to take the pain away.

    I learned that I did not have to carry around my pain the way I had been doing for most of my life. I left it in the hands of my higher power, and with that in his hands and out of mine, I felt liberated from suffering that I feared would plague me for an eternity. I no longer had to own the pain.

    That's what works for me, anyway. That will only work if you are willing to believe a higher power can help. I was willing to believe because I saw no other way out, but I know very well that my methods are not one-size-fit-all. I am not trying to pimp religion or anything like that, I am just relating my personal experiences in the hopes that it could give you some hope.

    (((((hugs))))) and know that I wish you the best. You can PM me if you wish to talk some more.

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    been having a few issues with religion and a christian friend who shoves his beliefs down my throat so idk if spiritual is best for me

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    The spiritual way is a mistake. The only solution is to find some way to fill the hole he left. When I'm super lonely and stuff I tend to eat my feelings. Bad idea. Perhaps you should find something to distract you.

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    Going the spiritual route alone is a mistake, I admit to that much. Talking to others you trust openly and honestly is another important key. Sorry, I should have said that in my first post in this thread.

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    i dont think a higher power will help this pain of course i dont believe there is a higher power i just think that because your sad doesn't mean you should go straight to religion i think you should think about what you want then you should think about how you can get it but preying every night and going to church probably wont make you feel better but hard work and alittle therapy might talk to your current boyfriend about this i'm sure he'll under stand and try to help you forget him alright there are plenty of fish in the sea but if no one threw them back then there would be none left for anyone else see what i mean?

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    as much as i love my current bf hes usually not in the mood to wanna har me cry over this stuff and either says nothing or changes the subject

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masa View Post
    as much as i love my current bf hes usually not in the mood to wanna har me cry over this stuff and either says nothing or changes the subject
    I don't generally like being blunt but in this case I need to. The last thing a boyfriend or girlfriend wants to hear is their boyfriend or girlfriend mope about how much they miss their ex. I know its hard but if you're not over you're ex you are only setting yourself up for another heart break by jumping into another relationship. It's not fair to you or your bf.

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    for me i had let go alot and got into relationship with thisdude cus he made me smile and happy when noone else cud hes helped me more but i still feel the pain

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    I could be really crass right now, and use the quote from The Princess Bride "Life is Pain" but that's just mean. Nothing takes pain away, time dulls it, as does distraction and being busy. Finding something happy to think about helps too.
    Yeah, it's probably not even worth 2 cents, but it's what I have to give.

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