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    Default Hi

    I'm a high school student in my sophomore year in Canada.
    I like working with technology, and being with other people; and i guess you can probably tell by my name that I like to think i'm a pretty happy guy.

    I guess I joined ADISC to know that there are others like me in this world and to help me accept myself.

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    Hi happyguy.

    Can you tell that I'm happy too?

    My career is in technology. Being that it is a fairly vague term, what are your particular interests in it?

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    Hey happydl

    Well, I enjoy working with computers mainly, but I also like taking things apart and building things with all the fun little gadgets that I get out of them; I have a stash of motors, switches and other hardware that I sometimes pull out and will use to make a car or something along those lines. I once built a website off of Frontpage at my elementary school. But thats really about it. What areas of technology do work with? :]

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    I work in software, but I love tinkering with stuff. In my childhood I always had piles of motors laying about. Lately I've been finding the arduino platform (Arduino - HomePage) fun to play with as it is really easy to build stuff like robots out of.

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    The arduino microcontroller is really cool. Maybe if i get up to a bigger city sometime I'll check that out.

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    I've bought the two that I own online at Maker Shed: Maker SHED

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    If I were to consider buying this, would you recommend the starter kit?

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    What part of Canada says sophomore? I thought that was purely an American term. O_o

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    I have a starter kit almost exactly like this one: Getting Started with Arduino Kit V2.0

    It's worth getting because the book is really helpful and the other components are very useful as well. If it's outside your budget, it's still perfectly possible to get started with a simple Arduino Uno board, a few LED's, and a USB cable. Even my 12 year old can program this thing.

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    Okay then. COol! That's definately within my budget.

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