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Thread: babyfursonas and their origins

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    Default babyfursonas and their origins

    Was just talking to another babyfur friend of mine and got on to where my fursona came from. I did write up a story once for the origins of ozone*, how he came to be (FOY was involved :P)

    It got me curious and since it's been a while since my last contribution here I figured I'd put the question out to my fellow Adiscians.

    So, where did your fursonas come from, is there a backstory, have they always been little or did our old friend the Fountain of youth play a part?

    *I dont think i have a copy anymore but will go into it in a later post

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    Siddy is just a average mouse that grew up on a island. He was the runt of a litter of 5 but also he was the most special because of his odd mood changing hair when that his brothers and sisters did not have and that he is albino well the others are black or brown furred. Of course once they worked out what colors meant it made it easier for his siblings to make fun of him.

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    I never came up with a backstory, but Altric incorporates important things and ages from my childhood.

    -The reason I chose the Eastern Cottontail species is because I would chase the bunnies around the yard, and try to catch them when I was growing up at my grandparents' house.

    -The babyfur age of 2 - My brother was born when I was 2 years old.
    -The "Maximum" age of 14 - I met my current best friend when I was 14 years old, and we have been friends ever since

    Anatomical Features
    -The "human" or furless right hand - my hand was crushed when I was 12 years old, the bones healed nicely, but the root to my index fingernail was apparently severed. I decided to take Altric one step further and I made his entire right hand different from the rest of his body.

    Important items
    -Pedal Cars - I loved riding around the house in my "Slick Black Cadillac" a black antique Cadillac pedal car. (See "Slick Black Cadillac and My trike")
    -A antique padlock around his neck - My great-grandfather gave me a antique padlock when I was 6 years old. Until a few months ago, I thought I had lost it. I found it at my grandparents' house, and I now carry it with me everywhere as it is one of the few things I have from my great-grandfather. I gave it to Altric as a neck decoration on a collar or simple section of large-link chain.

    Like I said, I have not written a backstory, but I might go back and write one in the future.

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    Tavi Munk is a 2 year old tiger-chipmunk cub hybrid that's always the cuddly, playful, and loves to scribble and draw. In appearance he looks like a chipmunk, but has the coloration of a tiger; orange fur with a tan tummy, and dark stripes. Though a cub, he's really adventurous, friendly and outgoing, full of energy, and willing to help others without thinking twice about it. As selfless as he is, Tavi loves affection and is really affectionate, but gets really embarrassed when called cute. And quickly let it be known he's 'na cute'.

    He really tries his best to be there for others, and not show the care, nurturing, and comfort he never had.

    Tavi always wondered why he wasn't like the other chipmunks color and pattern wise. He found out he was an experiment and yet an accident of cross genetics. He had his share of insults from others due to his appearance, yet he kept being proud of how unique he is. Curious of his tiger side, Tavi wondered what abilities it had and finding out he has the enhanced mix of cat and chipmunk. This was really pleasing and amazing in his eyes.

    Sometime later, more discoveries of himself had surfaced. He know of his physical abilities from being part tiger, but he also saw something strange about his stripes. They seem to have electricity in them. Before knowing such, Tavi did experience some strange events. He'll find himself floating without warning, move or run extremely fast, and sometimes, pop up somewhere and has no clue how he got there. In knowing of it now, he sees he has electrical abilities. Concerned about water he was wondering if he might short circuit if he touch any water. Of course he tried, and found out nothing happened.

    Tavi was too curious about it now. So he wanted to see how far he can go. One day, when trying to show his full power, he took on a different colors. Mainly his eyes, that now a light grey and stripes, that are bright, glowing blue.

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    Bernard (Fx is not part of my name ) is the result of having a negligent and horny mother (no joke), from an unknown father, and a fox in between(?). They had a "one night affair"...and don't want to get into details. Well, when Bernard came to the world (3 pounds, orange "fur" a very weird nose and mouth, big [green and blue] eyes, and two abnormal tails) and, he was intermediately taken away by strange suit-dressed people. He got taken away to a weird place that he doesn't even know where it is. He is stuck there for around 3 years (whole life) he was tested at first, but then he got cared for, with a volunteer mother. He never got "house broken", and has to wear diapers to not make a mess. He is held in a strange place called Hangar 7, and that's all he knows about his location. He has play time, outside time, teaching time, nap time, eating time, and bedtime (whole life is organized). He is very smart, bright, he can use his senses extremely well. He is very shy, and a little lonely. He has a plushie called Kit, and carries him around most of the time. He loves to dig on the ground, walk on fours, chew some of his toy blocks, and play with his two fluffy tails. He wears a green collar with two dog tags, and loves to wear sleepers. He wishes he could meet someone who loved him and to play with (his caretaker is OK, but he is a little lonely).

    Long story ^__^

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    Maybe mine is simple, but I don't really have an elaborate back-story. I've liked (loved) wearing diapers since I was 7 years old (IRL) and have always felt a sense of belonging with the furry fandom. Am I a true furry? Probably not, I know I'm human but, I do feel a connection to the furry fandom. I like the art, the costumes, and the anonymity. I love animals and the freedom and happiness they pursue.

    I chose the arctic fox because I often feel like my consequences don't matter and I love snow. I chose a bunny because sometimes I can be swift and wise to think of my current situations.

    I love the two species and I love diapers and the furry fandom!! I really don't know how else to explain them.

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    thats ok, not everyone has a back story, not everyone needs one either. It depends on the character/fursona.
    I never did find the story, but as everyone else has been kind enough to give theirs;

    When I first created ozone he was a teen, I was already a TB but I was terrified of others finding out cos of the stigma babyfurs seemed to get so at first I was wary of that, Ozone was originally a git but after a while and meeting more babyfurs I decided that I was stupid to seperate and hide my tb side when it was actually harmless and the only people who had a problem had exactly that, their own problematic view of us that needed fixing.

    Jump to the point where I needed to reinvent Ozone, (not that many furs knew me then) Kammy has always been one of my favorite artists/users to follow on FA and I fell in love with the Fountain of youth idea just as much as she did, so thats where it started.

    Basically ozone was a 14yo tearaway trouble child, his parents couldnt handle him, he had a criminal record and was dumped in care as a result.
    At the time the state (uk govt, not state in the USA sense)had problems with too many older kids stuck in care, who'd want a troublesome teen when they can have an adoreable tot, right? The answer for them came in the form of the FOY finally being descovered in deepest parts peru, after much negotiation they got a deal for an experimental program using the water at exactly the same time Ozone was stuck in the system, a perfect candidate.
    He was still a problem child, not kept on by any families he fosterd with and not wanted back by his parents. The best option, it was deemed, both for his wellbeing and the ever secretive fiddling of govt statistics he was enrolled.

    Now regressed to age 2 years 5 months and 3 weeks, he's given 2 doses in food or drink a week to keep his ageing at a normal rate (1 daily if carers wish to balance growth/ degeneration of cells, i.e. arrest development).
    Everyone knows FOY water wears off, but most dont realise it can be controlled like any other med.
    It was shortly after this point that the now cuddly and docile Ozone was adopted into a new family, where he's been recieving his "top up's" regularly and is a happy, well adjusted and carefree toddler.

    Longterm effects are still unknown, common consensus is that use past the normal point of puberty onset has a potential to cause permanence, but this is still a watercooler theory at best
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    Hmm...most of the time, I see myself as 'Charlie'. That is, she is me (it feels odd even to seperate the two in typing). And *I* am a 7/8-year-old border collie puppy, who lives with her Mummy and cousin. We take very good care of each other and love one another very very much.

    I'm generally friendly and outgoing; I always try to put my best foot forwards and be helpful to anyone who needs it. If we're 'not that close', you can expect that (most of the time) I'm going to be near-constantly trying to offer help, advice or anything to make my friends feel good. If you met me while I was 'en little' I would come across as boisterous, outgoing, maybe even a little bit bratty. Certainly sure of myself; more of a 'middle' than a 'little'.

    When I get super-duper close to someone, I change a bit. Cos inside I'm not always the tough, bouncy puppy everyone else sees; I'm a whimpering, needy little girl an' sometimes I need to be held and told everything's alright. I'll get hurt really easily, but it means a LOT if I tell you I'm hurt, cos it shows I trust you. Some days I need almost constant reassurance, an' anyone who's really really important to me understands an' will give me that. I feel dumb for acting like 'such a baby' but I really can't help feeling that way inside. In some ways I really hate that part of me, but if you're someone really special you'll love every part of me, even if some of them aren't 'normal'.

    And once I've had my snugglyholdingtimes, I'll be right back with the other kids playing on the swings. Being someone who is special to me is a pretty thankless task if I don't remember to make the other person FEEL special, so I always try to do that.

    So...not an origin story so much, sorry guys. X3 But it was nice to type out this stuff an' think about what parts of me make up my littleside.

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    I think I came up with my fursona, Nadia, when I was 13 because I was so lonely in the large beach house I lived in with my parents at the time. We weren't a only child family, but that was the year my siblings were all leaving for college and my mom went back to work, so I had large amounts of time to myself and I wasn't really the center of attention in the family anymore. I guess that is why I created Nadia, she could be everything I wasn't in our pretend world. Nadia, is a white wolf (like my profile pic.) with deep yellow eyes and slight black markings on her fur. I always imagined her as being 6/7'ish and she wasn't really potty trained yet, but she was a big enough girl to take care of herself most of the time except with cooking and diaper changes. She lived with her family of six in a large beach house similar to mine, but her's was actually on the beach instead of a five minute walk away. Although she was just 6/7 she likes to wear big people clothes that look ridiculous on her and she is so adorable she kinda tricks others into carry her around. While she wasn't a baby, she certainly was the baby of my made up family and when it came to the family doing something, she always ended up being a big part of everything. Nadia lives in another world were humans and furries coincide, but there is definitely some prejudice toward the furries from the humans. Fur-people are sorta forced to live in certain area's that are slightly removed from the larger cities and I always felt like Nadia would live out on the coast in a small town like me. A place where everybody knows her and is ok with the fact that she isn't a social butterfly. Everyone works very hard in the family and you can't find a closer family anywhere. They all shop together, eat together, play games like monopoly and parchessi at night, watch cartoons or the news, and sometimes momma and Nadia go out to retail shops to play dress up. Nadia isn't particularly popular in the town, because she is so different, but she has good friends that have play dates sometimes. Despite the fact that arctic wolves aren't common in this town she still sorta fits in and she doesn't get harassed to much by humans. When she does daddy or big brother always stand up for her and momma so she kinda pushes it out of her mind. This isn't really a background, I guess, but it's where Nadia came from. She had everything I always wanted; a close knit family where she was the baby, time to experiment with her silly imagine, a need for diapers, and a moderately nice town where people took care of one another. She was the quirky adorable little hippie kid inside me that never got to come out, I was so shy and lonely when I was younger that I came up with Nadia and gave her a background of a world that was completely different from the one I lived in.

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    Whenever I'm on the Internet, I become my fursona. (My facebook friends never realize! :P ) Okay, in all seriousness, My fursona is just what I imagine I would be like as a navy-blue-furred wolf furry. His backstory changes frequently, but it usually depends on the situation.

    His current backstory is that he is a soldier from the future, and possibly another world. In his world, there is a civil war between those who are diapered, and those who aren't. He is a member of the diapered side due to most of his brothers are on that side, and he was left incontinent from an injury he got in battle.

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