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    Default Hey there!

    Hello ;o im flux im not exactly "new" to the whole diaper scene but i am new to the site!

    Just here to make some friends and have fun ^^ into alot of stuff, consider myself a heavy gamer, more into RPG and MMORG type games, also a heavy reader, prefer fantasy and sci-fi, but will read just about anything if i find it interesting. To be honest, havent worn in... well i dont remember! and i dont like it D: hoping to get back into wearing someday ;o maybe with a diaper girl? who knows ^^;

    I wouldnt call myself shy, but i do tend to keep to myself, kinda over protective, dont wanna reveal to much of myself, im weir dthat way ;o but i am willing to open up just enough to make some great friends, and hoping i do ^^

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    Hi Flux welcome to ADISC.

    Before anyone gets in before me I'm going to say this, and then I expect the matter to drop. You mention meeting a girl in your intro, and I just want to remind you that ADISC is NOT a dating site. I expect it won't be an issue but it's better to get it out of the way first.

    In other news, your intro was great

    I played a tabletop RP game a few months ago and it was awesome! I was a superhero! Do you do any of that?

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    haha dont worry! not a fan of dating sites anyways! you never know just who the other person really is ;o

    and yes i have, not as often as i like to, but i have played some classic D&D and other such games ^^

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