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    Default Hello from Abmikey

    Hi everyone *waves*,

    I'm Mikey and I am somewhere between 2 and 6, well actually I am 26, but I like to think I am somewhere around two.

    Well. I just stumbled across the other day, and I loved how active the forums were compared to some many other sites where pictures are the focus. Now that is a real community, and a community I want to be apart of.

    Of course with any new community, there is a new set of rules and etiquette to follow, so bear with me as I learn.

    Now for a little about me. Well I have been back into diapers since I was 12, and as I have gotten older, I have also gotten younger in many ways and enjoy spending as much time padded and regressed as possible.

    Now, I also have a lot going in my adult life too. I am the director of marketing for a glass fabricator. I also work in the performing arts, doing live audio and lighting. So well, I am a busy bugger. Well, better to be busy then getting into trouble, hehehehe

    I live with my partner, and he is a non-ad/dl himself, but somehow we have found a way to make it work. I am so happy I found him.

    I am also looking to make new friends, share experiences and just further that sense of community. (I studied sociology in university, so I have quite an interest in people and segments of society like ours).

    Can't wait to meet you all, and make some new friends.

    - Mikey

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC Great intro you've got going there!

    What sort of hobbies do you have, or is your audio/lighting work your main hobby?

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