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Thread: What is your Adult Baby (You, of course) Like?

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    Default What is your Adult Baby (You, of course) Like?

    I am curious as to know how you act as an adult baby.

    Are you a shy baby who just cuddles and plays?

    Are you a hyper baby?

    Are you like a colicky baby?

    Do you get in trouble?

    If you do get in trouble what punishments are used?

    For myself.. most of the time I am a baby who loves to be held and rocked and loved... but I also am defiant and I throw many fits. For my punishment, I get a hairbrush spanking and I have to sit in a wooden "naughty chair" which is actually referred to as "Maddie's chair" and I usually argue about having to sit in the chair and I end up getting more spankings until I quit arguing...

    So tell me what is it like in your shoes?

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    "Are you a shy baby who just cuddles and plays?"

    Thats me. Right there. Although, it's seldom i'm ever like that.

    If i ever do feel little and i have someone to cuddle (Aussiebuoy :P) i'll just cuddle in, with my Plushie :3

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    "Are you a shy baby who just cuddles and plays?" That describes me pretty well. I like staying quite, and stay soft-spoken, or only replies with head nods and 'un-uhs's and 'an-a's. And I grow to love anything plushie... it's real comforting to cling to. :3

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    Yeah, I'm pretty shy and I like to girlfriend calls me a sook and I disagree! but I know its true......


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    I'm a trouble maker. I'm about three ish... I was actually insanely good as a kid, and never got into much trouble. Therefore, now I want to be a brat. Well, not a brat, but if I *did* have a caretaker, I would want to be able to take hold of the toilet paper in the bathroom and then run circles around the house or something. In life... love is conditional. In AB type play I want to be love no matter what.

    That said, I'm the most cuddly little princessy type- so I'm not a bad kid really... I just want accepted even if I am a little out of control. I could turn around and be loveable, huggable, and give the biggest puppy dog eyes ever.

    I'm mostly soft spoken when I'm cuddly, but am prone to random squeaks and noises just for fun.

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    Im a very shy baby. I take enjoyment in just sitting around and doing something relaxing or not requiring much activity.

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    Are you a shy baby who just cuddles and plays? Yup! I am.

    I like to make up songs about whatever I'm doing, or things I like like doggies or something.
    I don't really like to be cuddled... I mostly like to be alone. Grown ups are taller than me, and I simply don't like it! u-u *turns up nose*
    But I do like to play with other "babies" with dolls or toy cars and the like!

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    I'm too hyper, adventurous n curious, really silly, and at times shy (from being called c-c-cute)

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    I generally see myself as a quite mischievious, slightly cheeky, little boy. Rarely actually in trouble, but often being told off and very occasionaly being sent to the naughty step. When I'm tired (or at least when my AB is) i do get very cuddly with my animals tho...

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    I love to play with (AB) girls and later punished by ABmoomy for what Ive done them... Ive something with BDSM...

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