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    Does anyone know when the item you ordered from B4NS has to be signed for? or do they just leave it somewhere on the deck?
    By the way i live in Canada, BC if that makes a difference.


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    Well mine was actually put into the package compartment of our mailbox. I thought it was going to be left at the door, but I guess not. I've got another one on the way, it should be here by Thursday. If I can remember, I'll tell you what goes down.

    I'm pretty sure you don't have to sign for it with the Canada Post shipping, the Greyhound shipping I'm not sure about.

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    I do know in the states if you ship greyhound they leave it at your door. (not under the awning, in the rain, not with a bag to cover it...)

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    What did you order? If you ordered a case of something, it just comes in the original box from the manufacture (abena is flipped inside out, bambinos only say BHG on the box). A sample is in a plain brown envelope. Both will have a mailing label on it. Has your address and B4NS' address on it.

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    I know the guy personally. He's very attentionnat to our needs. You can most probably ask him to ship so the box need a signature. That way, you can go get the box yourself if you are not home to receive it. I'm lucky enough, I get to walk in his store when I buy from him.
    It's like a diaper wonderland in there!

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    oblivionxi1 how long does the shipments take to get to you?

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    Last time it took about 5 days I think, the one I ordered last Thursday arrived today. It was at the door, nobody rang the doorbell or anything... then again I was sleeping... I guess if the the package is large enough it would arrive at the door.

    Good thing I told my mom because she picked it up once she got home, lol...

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    I order from B4NS all the time, like a previous poster said the owner/guy who runs it is pretty awesome and will cater to your needs, just email him and ask.

    I usually get it through Canada post. I live in an apt so they won't just leave a large package if I am not home. They will take it to the nearest post office and leave a slip in your box telling you to go get it. In these cases they will make you sign for it, come to think of it, I have never not had to provide ID and sign for a package from any courier.

    I got it shipped Greyhound once, it was kind of a pain in the ass. I always miss shipments because I have a job (courier companies don't get it...), so I had to drive to the nearest greyhound shipping center which was around 40km away.

    As oppposed to the nearest post office which is only a couple blocks away.

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