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Thread: Hi - well at least that is original!

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    Default Hi - well at least that is original!


    I'm actually feeling quite nervous saying Hi as this is the fist time in any public way I have talked about by incontinence.

    I am 35 and a bloke from the UK.

    I started becoming incontinent about a year ago and now have to wear some form of nappy / pant pad 24/7.

    I have been to the doctor many times and am waiting to be referred to the hospital.

    I wear nappies every night a quite often at work and after spending 6 months finding a good supplier spend about 30 a month on supplies.

    I am starting to come to terms with my incontinence which has taken nearly a year to get to this point.

    Do I think I might become a AB or DL in the future? I don't know.

    Well that is me!

    Say hi if you want (or don't if you don't!)

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    Hi. Welcome to the forums!

    You didn't mention your interests. What do you like doing in your spare time?

    I would have forwarded you to this page but you gave quite a good intro, except for your interests, which helps us all get to know you a little better.

    There is nothing to be nervous about here, We are all friendly and thoughtful


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    thank you for a very kind welcome to the forums!

    So what am I interested in ....

    Computers (Macs)
    Video production and editing
    My family
    Watching Family Guy, The West Wing and most things on discovery

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    So, a fan of apple, eh? I don't have a mac myself (both my parents do, tough), but I do have an iPhone which I love dearly (despite it costing me a fortune >.<). If you stay here long enough, you'll probably see a "Sent from my iPhone" signature on a few of my posts ^^

    I do hope the doctors will be able to find the root of the problem, and treat it, as soon as possible. As much as I personally love diapers, incontinence is not something I would want to have to deal with, and is obviously not something I wish unto anyone...
    You asked if you might become an AB or a DL in the future. That's a hard question to answer. No one really knows why people become ABDL. It's also made more complicated by the fact that there is a fetishistic component and a platonic component to being an ABDL. I would venture a guess and say that any sexual interests people might have in diapers is quite deeply ingrained: you might not have discovered it yet, but I don't see how it's something that would develop from wearing diapers. As for a more platonic interests in diapers and/or in acting "babyish", I have already heard of people that use it as a coping mechanism for being incontinent (one of our member, Angelabauer, is in this situation. Hopefully she'll swing by here, she'd be better equipped to answer your question that I am).
    In any case, you certainly don't need to be an ABDL to be here (especially since the I in ADISC stands for incontinent). We even have an incontinence sub-forum which you might want to check out.

    I hope to see you around, and good luck with your incontinence (hopefully it goes away soon),


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    I'm the complete opposite. I hate anything that has an apple on the back of it. In my opinion they are overpriced and useless unless you use them exactly as Apple tell you to.

    That's why I love stuff like linux, where its all free and fully customizable.

    Anyway everyone is entitled to their own opinion (even if they are wrong) XD

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    That is really interesting. I was an avid Linux user at University about 15 years ago. I even spent a whole day downloading a distribution onto floppy disks to install back in my room on my PC.

    Well each to their own!

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    Welcome! =) You already welcomed me in my intro thread. lol. Hmmm, if you actaully enjoyed wearing them, then I think you might be DL. Regardless, I am glad you are coming with the terms. =) I always want to go to UK.... I think it's pretty over there! Also, I love Family Guy.... hilarious show. hehe.

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    West Midlands eh? I'm from there originally. Do you feel comfortable narrowing it down any?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlikra View Post
    West Midlands eh? I'm from there originally. Do you feel comfortable narrowing it down any?
    Me too!

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