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Thread: Going in front of your partner

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    Default Going in front of your partner

    Hi All
    Wondering if anyone else is having similar challenges --

    My girlfriend is a wonderful, sweet, loving and kind partner who has embraced my AB side in many ways - cuddling, breastfeeding, tickling games, baths, story time and just baby talk pervade our everyday lives. She diapers me during our cuddle play and find this very satisfying. I do not take this for granted, and very much enjoy this part of our life together.

    However, I'm having great difficulty overcoming the stigma of taking this to the next level - of actually using diapers in front of her. I've done this with past partners who were more embracing and encouraged me, and found it great fun. We even made a game out of it, and it always made it easier to wear in public with a GF around. But I get the sense that my current partner is a bit uncomfortable with the idea. This tacit awkwardness has set me back from being willing to try.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to try to move things forward or faced a similar situation?


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    I suspect that step 1 may be to, while in the bath/shower together, pee. Go down the drain, go on her (ask first), whichever. Just associate it being okay to pee with her being there.

    Step 2 is peeing in the diaper in front of her. Again, ask her first so that there is no doubt that this is something that she would either like directly, or like to see you do.

    Step 3, of course, is peeing in each other's diapers. You may want to hold off on this for the time being, as it's an advanced technique. :P

    Argh. I read over the "uncomfortable with it" bit.

    Step 1: Have several discussions about this topic. Explain why you would like to do this. See what she thinks--is she worried about the nastiness, the smell, the fact that this may--in her eyes--make you less manly? Seriously, you need to talk this over with each other. THEN you can pee together in the shower, etc.

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    H3g3l's got a point: if you've been thinking about it but haven't mentioned it now would be a good time to talk to her about it.
    It never hurts to ask, but try to gauge how much she's willing to go through with AB/DLism with you.
    Somehow I think she'd be okay with it, based on what you told us she already does.

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    you should talk to her about this first, ask her how she might react to it first, whether or not it would be alright with her

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    Dispite the fact that were breast fed by her I'll think she won't think ur any less manly if u pee infront if her

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    You could always make a video of yourself wetting or pooping (if you do that). Then sit down on the couch with your girlfriend and show it to her. (I'd probably just go with wetting)
    And, your girlfriend sounds awesome. Tell her i said she deserves an Award for being the rare breed of girl that is open minded =). Instead of just shopaholics. (ya i said it 0.-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FindMeCharms View Post
    You could always make a video of yourself wetting or pooping (if you do that). Then sit down on the couch with your girlfriend and show it to her. (I'd probably just go with wetting)
    Haven't tried it, but that may be weird. I think h3g3l had it right - discuss and figure out what's in her head, then if "pee? ew gross!" is one of them break that barrier down in the shower, etc. with permission and willing exploration.

    Of course, this was posted 4 days ago - Anything new Squirmyboy?

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    Have a sit down with her, talking and communication build a strong relationship Plus it may make things less of luck!

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    I totally agree with H3g3l. Just take it slow and talk to her. It sounds like you guys already have a very good and communicative relationship.

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