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Thread: Just wanted to say hi.

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    Smile Just wanted to say hi.

    Hello my name is Zach I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I'm currently in high school. I currently volunteer at my local rescue squad and I'm a Emergency Medical Technician. I've has a interest in diapers since I was little not sure why though. I would consider myself a DL I'm not really into the TB stuff.
    I enjoy bambino and abena x plus diapers, and really this is the first time I've told anyone about this.

    As I said before I'm a EMT-B, I also play the drums and am quite good at it. I came here just to be able to relate to people who enjoy diapers as much as me. I know most of the general public consider this hobby unusual. But to be able to relate with others is great.

    Well, Just wanted to introduce myself have a good evening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewbacca View Post
    when and why did you become an EMT?
    I wanted to make a difference in the community, it was free medical training and a good first step into the medical field. I joined February of last year and and received my state EMT license in June of last year.

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    Awesome intro, looking forward to see what you have to say amongst other topics on this site. Pretty damn amazing you decided to join the EMT field. Glad to see that there are indeed people out there, especially high schoolers that do things just to make a difference, and not for gratification or attention.

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    Hey Zach,

    I used to be a lifeguard back in the days (Ah... the days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon...). That was, like, three summers ago (assuming that's the summer of 2008, I fail at simple math -_-), so it really hasn't been that long of a time. Anyway, all that to say I've seen my share of first aid training in my life (forgot most of it by now -_-). Interesting stuff, tough I'm not sure I could have handled the gore had an accident actually happened... I have to say, it's quite impressive that you got an EMT certification while still in high school.
    I've got to say I quite liked your intro, tough feel free to share a few more interest (a band you particularly love or your favourite book, perhaps?).

    I hope that we'll see you around ADISC, you seem like a fairly interesting guy,


    p.s. You might want to consider getting a username change, DL94 is a fairly generic name considering the vast majority of the membership here likes diapers ^^

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