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Thread: hello from France!

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    Default hello from France!

    I am French. I live beside Paris. I do not write English well then are lenient. I am 53 years old and carries cloth diapers since always but only by pleasure. I prefer by far the big cloth diapers with large rubber or plastic pants as when I was young. Moreover my preferred mark is GARY' S Comfort and Kin' S. You have much chance because the cloth diapers and the plastic pants are much more current in the United States than on our premises, in more the cut is adapted to the adults whereas the French models are always too narrow with the crotch and very often flee!
    This site is very well made, cheer and with soon,

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    Bonjour, bienvenu sur ADISC ^^

    And yet another francophone, we'll end up overrunning the place soon enough :P
    You gave us a pretty exhaustive description of the kind of diapers you wear, but apart from your age you really haven't told us anything about yourself. We really are a community about people more that we are a community about diapers, which is why we want to hear about you. It doesn't have to be much, but sharing things like a few of your hobbies or even giving us a general idea of your line of work will help you build connections with other members. If you need inspiration, this handy tutorial should prove useful.

    In conclusion, I hope you'll stick around and that you'll post more about yourself. Surtout qu'on a besoin de plus de francophones sur ADISC :P


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aina View Post
    Bonjour! a va? That's it! I failed French!
    Sorry, the "I failed French!" bit made it way too hard to resist ^^

    What can I say, francophones love their diacritical marks...

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    Bonjour. Je parle un peu francais.

    Any who, welcome to the wonderful world of Adisc. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Bonjour Monsieur! Je parle un peu de francais aussi, mais pas beaucoup. J'espere que vous aimez ADISC!

    (sorry about the lack of accent marks--my keyboard won't let me type them).

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    G'Day zerumid welcome to ADISC from Australia. Je parle un peu de Francais aussi et 53 ans. I hope to visit family in France oneday before they become too old. Enjoy your visits here.

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    Moi aussi, je parle un peu de Francais. Bien que je sois moi-meme anglais, mes parents habitent en France (grand sud-ouest) depuis vingt ans, je les rends visite assez souvent.

    Conaissez vous la site de Nounou Perlasensua - elle revend les couches et les culottes Gary?



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