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Thread: Having trouble messing my diaper

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    Default Having trouble messing my diaper

    Okay so here's my issue. When I wear diapers I have absolutely no problems wetting them. None at all. But whenever I try to mess in them, that causes major problems.

    Any answers as to why it is so difficult and how I can make it easier? I know about enemas and suppositories but I'm looking for other options as well and I'll take all the help I can get. Thanks guys a bunch!
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    Hello, lilmsm878! Welcome to the forum! Before I go on and suggest something for your situation, let me just recommend to introduce yourself to the forums. That way other (nice) members can know you a little better, and might help you according to your circumstances

    Ok, so, for the messing, one technique I can say is using "muscle memory", or "repetition". This basicaly means that the more you do certain action, your body and muscles get used to it, and try to make it more efficiantly/less painful. The problem is starting it. Have you tried to do it in the bathroom? As your brain unconciusly relates the bathroom to someplace where "you let go", it would be much more easier. Also, some actions you do to go may help, for example, some people read while sitting on the toilet. Maybe others like to sing(?) Another think you can try, is lifting the lid, and sit on the toilet. This will seem natural for your body, and might work better. And, lastly, try to do it without using your diaper. Then, before "letting go", put it back on. I bet if you repeat these steps, your brain will eventually become used to this, and it will feel a lot more natural and relaxed.

    Hope it helps you!

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    When i learn my body to wet and mess in the diaper i have do the same as you have proposed BernardFx. And i can say it work. Now can i wet and mess my diaper whit no trouble, In the bed or front of the computer. Even when i am sitting down i can mess my diaper.

    So i whis you good luck lilmsm878.

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    bernardfx hit that one pretty accurately

    You can always try squatting, that helps alot.

    Dont push to hard tho, and if your body just isnt going for it then dont just push it.

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    Welcome to the forum lilmsm878. I don't have that much to add to what the others have said really. It sounds like you will just need to "diaper train" yourself a little bit. I've been using my diapers for everything when I have one on for a couple of years now. I still find it much easier to go in the bathroom (or in the closet...long story from when I was a toddler) then trying to go anywhere else. I'm slowly training myself to go at the computer. I actually have a lot of trouble with that.

    Talking to yourself helps a lot as well I've found. Things like "it's ok to go. I gotta use my diaper here" can help rather then just forcing it like you're just having trouble going normally, because your body knows it's not.

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    Oh, I forgot the precautions. Don't use laxatives, enemas, tubes up your but (there used to be a tread about it :P) and marshmallows (you'll learn that later, if you still don't know) regularly, as it can mess up your body possibly permanently. And don't get desperate, it takes your body some time to get used to it. Also, don't over-do it. Don't mess your diaper every time, and when the urge just hit you, because that's the path of becoming incontinent. You should have a balance between the potty and your nappy. And, try not to mess publically, because it stinks! :P One last thing, always use a diaper for this xD

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    I'm just giving my two sense, but don't quote me or something like this. I find sometimes when I'm sitting on a toilet with my clothes on(It's my quiet thinking spot) the 'urge' grows and I have to make sure not to relax. Try sitting on a toilet with it on, or thinking you're sitting on one.

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    After all the time spent on potty training you it is not surprizing that you are having difficulty messing your diaper. You are trying to overcome a carefully laid in complex against you doing so. I know it's repetitive but just relax and sooner or later it will happen. Good luck!

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